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This was a page about the most elite group of wrestlers to ever come out of Allen, Texas. We don't wrestle any more

News 12-19-00

Ok... I have been WAAAY to lazy to update the site due to the fact that our Backyard Fed has not wrestled in about 2 and a half years...So Please Dont ask to Join the fed...there is no fed...nor will there ever be another one... so start your own. Me and Epicenter got trained and have been wrestling for Texas ChampionShip Wrestling, FWA, KWA and some other Indy Promotions for a while now...So dont ask to Join...
NEW!!! The ABF Message board. Come and talk trash even though you know we are SOO much better than you cuz we are acctualy trained wrestlers and you are just backyard trash

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Wrestler Bio's Comming Soon

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