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Who is Mystic Wolf?

Martha & Larry

Felix H'wdy y'll and welcome to the Wolf_Zone! My name no no, too boring...everyone says that! about...May I extend my hand to you in warmth and kindness as you are about to learn more about me than you really ever wanted to know! :) Pierschbachers the name! (that's pronounced pierce-baker) but you can simply refer to me as Martha! Born in Chariton, Iowa...raised in Albia, Iowa...Iowa? yes....that is a state...midwest...cornfields...familiar yet? Oh well! Eventually I have ended up in Texas and Texas I know most people have heard of that!!! I have been here about 15 years now but it wasn't until May of '96 that I became involved with this internet thingy, which has taken me to many exciting places and brought many many good friends into my heart! mIRC was my first internet experience. Oh My Gosh! Talk about addicted, obssessed and possessed! Took me nearly 2 years get over those 'visions' when you go to bed. You know the ones I am talking about! Yeah! The ones that when you lay down to go to sleep you have visions of chat rooms dancing in your head, monitors and screen savers replace your dreams, and eventually your replace your ratted stuffed bear from childhood with your mouse and keyboard. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, talk about comfort now! What? You didn't go through this? Sure Sure Sure, whatever you say!
Well the puter world has actually given me a life to talk about now! I have wandered aimlessly to a few states to meet these faces that filled my waking hours at my desk and even drug some home for mom to meet! Now you may be asking yourself, did she ever have one of those internet romances? Well iffin' you know me well enuff, you know I did the online romance thing! Did it work? Lets just say I don't keep the keyboard and mouse in bed anymore! But it did take me a couple tries to get it right!

Flipper Well are ya ready for the story of my life? Grab a cup of coffee, (I really do want you to stay awake and alert for this one, specially iffin you have made it this far already), hehehehehehe.

May of '96 I decided to take a bus ride to Phoenix Arizona and meet an mIRC friend that had at one time became a very dear person to me. I spent the week there, and traveled back home safely having a really great time! To my dismay at the time though we discussed that this week spent together was not going to be a long term thing iffin ya know what I mean! Sure sure sure, I was distressed for a while but I guess thats just the female dna in me. While I was in Phoenix I had the pleasure of meeting Robben and Jeff for the first time! We all went out to this adorable Italian place and then resided in the bar the latter of the evening! 'He' eventually went on to meet a wonderful young lady named Angelwolf, from Arkansas, over mIRC and gradually they began to form a wonderful relationship! And to my surprise I met a gentleman named Tmbrwolf! Now Tmbrwolf and I met as friends, both on rebounds from previous relationships and really had no intentions of going anywhere with this. Tmbrwolf was from Arkansas as well, and he and his wife had just separated and were in the proccess of getting divorced. One weekend Tmbrwolf came to Dallas (that's where I live now), for a weekend visit and after spending a few weekends together we began to shared a kindred spirit together. Meanwhile 'him' and Angelwolf did the I gotta go faster same thing but was a little tougher seeing how Phoenix and Arkansas were much farther apart than Dallas and Arkansas. But 'he' finally made that trip to Arkansas so I took the opportunity to make a trip to Arkansas myself to see 'him' and meet Angelwolf.........and might as well see Tmbrwolf while I am there too....right? Of course it was easy to do since everyone was in the same town of Harrison, Arkansas. Yes, you are reading this right! Skittles This is when I met a very special young lady, Skittles. She is the daughter of Angelwolf......and Tmbrwolf! Yes again! Hopefully you have figured this out cause I wouldn't have any idea how else to explain it! Heres a pic of Skittles, but back off guys! Shes only 13 in this pic and she now has 2 sets of very overprotective parents! Well Angelwolf, now lives in Phoenix with 'him' and Skittles and Tmbrwolf makes their den here in Dallas with myself! Speaking for myself I am the happiest in life I have ever been!


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