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Welcome to Happosai's Story Archive. Here you will find most of the stories that were written for the RPG. C'mon in and read of our trials and tribulations.

The RNRPG 2020 Page: The future of the RNRPG.


Feudal Romance 2: The sequal to the original. This time old enemies and allies unite against the Musk.

College Bound: Perfume begins her first semester at college. will the Pink Haired Amazon be able to adapt?

The Bride of the Musk: Silk has been kidnapped by the Musk as a Bride for Prince Herb. The rest of the gang team up to rescue her. But will the Musk need to be rescued from Silk?

Nerima Mud Show: The children's hospital has asked for a charity function. The Nerima business assosiation has found it in the form of a mud wrestling tournament. With many of the girls involved being enemies and rival, this is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Darkness Decending: A group of rebel vampires are on the loose in nerima. The local hunters team up with a very unusual vampire in the hunt. Proving that there are more than one type of Vampire hunter.


And So They Meet: Happosai returns to Nerima to use the 'personality splitter' on Ranma. He enlists the help of Kaori Daikokku. Unknown to her the shadowy figure trailing Happosai will have a profound effect on her future.

The Ultimate Yin and Yang Battle: Happosai has been split into two seperate people, one of pure good and one of pure evil. Loki, Kaori and the rest of the group must stop his dark side from destroying the world.

Vengeance is a dish best served cold: Two wrongs don't make a right, but that never stopped those with a need for vengence. Alex and Silk team up against an evil from their pasts.

Black Rose Valentines:Kodachi has a very special recipe. One guaranteed to turn this day of love into a day to be remembered.

Return of The Sith: From across the multiverse, Darth Maul has been summoned to Nerima. He has come to destroy the Jedi Analine Solo. When teh group arrives to face him, the Dark Side becomes a tempation for Happosai and Alex.

Slayers 1/2: The group is transported to the homeworld of Lina Inverse. There they must face Shadowmaster Zasz and prevent his plans for Lina Inverse.


Slayers 1/2 Part 1

Slayers 1/2 Part 2

Beginings:Perfume arrives in Nerima to avenge herself on a fellow amazon. She finds something that she would never expect. She finds a friend and a home.

Dinner at Ucchan's: On a Lonely afternoon, Perfume steps into Ucchan's Okonomiyaki and into Love.

Scarf's Story A Stranger arrives in Nerima. A stranger with an unusual background and a strange efect on the Tendo Family.

The Preposterous Pervert Potion: Happosai releases a lust potion in Nerima that spreads like a plague. Can the group resist their inner-most wants and find a cure?

Chibi Stories: A Zany adventure where the Nerima crew suddenly become Chibis. It might be the plot of world dominating walrus's... Then again, maybe not.

Title Bout: It's time for the annual Martial Arts Rythmic Gymnastics Tournament. Kodachi is determined to win her title back from Furinkan at any cost. This time Furinkan chooses Brush as the defender.

Spatula Queen VS the Black Rose: Kodachi Kunou challenges Ukyou to a fight to the finish for Ranma. What happens when the black rose finds out that Ukyou doesn't care.

Secrets, Happosai and Silk's Story: A hospital, one Healer, one Hentai. two former enemies, two secret lives. A pair of quiet revelations and the discovery that the one you think you know may not be the person you think they are at all.

Secrets, Perfume's Story: One lonely day, Perfume confides her secret with Alex.

SEcrets: Alex's Story: Alex and Loki Are a secret agent team. What could be more secret than that. Move over Jean Claude Van Damne

Behavior Science:A Strange creature is on the Loose in Nerima. It sucks out it's victim's strongest emotion. Can the Nerima crew defeat it and restore their emotions?

The Pureness of the LilyKodachi transfers to Furinkan High School. Can she meake new friends in this Chaotic new enviroment?

Tactics of TrainingHapposai has selected Silk as the Heir-Designate for the Founding School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. As he begins her training he discovers a willing student.

Feudal Romance: A story set in the Edo period of Japan. The ancestors of the Nerima group confront one another. What will happen to history?

Born on April Fools Day: April Fools, the one day a year when pranks and jokes run wild. For one Pink Haired Amazon the day means much more.

Day at the Beach: The gang from Nerima gets together for a trip to the beach on a summer day. Can the beach survive the chaos they bring?

Cologne's Revenge: Cologne has had enough of Alexander Funryu breaking Amazon law. She has a plan to Subdue Alex, and she's willing to kill any who get in her way. Happosai, Perfume, Scarf and Silk do just that.

Strange New World: Old scars are purely mental, and an open mind can let them go. The world looks much different from the coastal plain of Tokyo then the Mountains of China.

The Contest: A cooking contest between the men of Nerima. Winner gets a date with the girl of his choice. An Anything goes food fight to the finish.

Contest Aftermath: The winner's date and the Losers's brawl. Who says that cheaters never prosper.

Hobbies and Habits A new shop opens in town.Perfume goes there to find a Hobby, but also finds a friend.

A Little Sisterly Love Perfume's Sister, Vaseline (The Sexual Predator) has come to town. She's here to make sure her sister's happy. Does she have an ulterior motive?

A Little Sisterly Love Part 1

A Little Sisterly Love Part 2

The Legend of Lin Ran We all know that Happosai and Ranma both suffer from the same Jusenkyou curse. Happosai's girl side changes his personality, it's due to the soul of the drowned girl, a chinese warrior named, Lin Ran.

Tropical Amazons Part 1: Perfume and Scarf leave on their trip to Hawaii. Unknown to them the plane contains 3 stowaways and several Hijackers.

Tropical Amazons 2: The Holiday from Hell The continuing tales of a very odd Hawaiian vacation. When the President of the United States shows up, The Nerima gang stops an assasination attempt. Will the stress be too much for them?

Tropical Amazons 3: The Presidential Dinner: The gang has dinner with the President of the United States. Which would the team rather deal with and adulturous President or with his assasin?

Live a Litte - Epiphany To realize what you already know. The insight of a moment.

Live a Litte - Kochan special #63 Independence and worry, doing what you've never done.

Live a Litte - Resolved to be me Change on the horizon, the old order tumbles in its wake.

Christmas in July: Kodachi Kunou, the black rose herself, decides to have a Christmas party. The only problem is, that it is the middle of July!

Christmas in July Part 1

Christmas in July Part 2

The Cursed fansThe Fans Akane gave everyone for Christmas have a dark secret. The gang is drawn back to the Kunou Manor to confront an ancient curse.

Lunar Lucidity When a full moon lights the sky, even old shadows are illuminated. So a small thing changes the world. Such providence in the fall of a sparrow.

Just One Date Mimiku the faceless fencer has a fool proof plan to get a date with his beloved Kodachi.

The Texas Tournament Jim King, the owner of the King Dude ranch and Dojo is in finacial trouble. He hosts an Anything goes Tournament to try to increase advertising.

Texas Tournament: The Trip, Part 1

Texas Tournament: The Trip, Part 2

Texas Tournament: Round 1 Fights, Part 1

Texas Tournament: Round 1 Fights, Part 2

Texas Tournament: Day One in the Big House

Texas Tournament: Round 2 Fights

Texas Tournament: Round 3

Time for Yesterday From the future a strange visitor comes back in time. She claims to be Happosai's daughter, could it be true?

Lost Little Date Ryouga finally gets teh nerve to ask Ukyou on a date. What starts out as a small night out, turns into one big adventure.

Parental Problems Ukyou and Ryouga's parents get involved with the couple's fledgling relationship.

A Grandfather's LamentFrom the secrets story we all know that Happosai and Silk spend their free time entertaining the children on the pediatric cancer ward. When Happosai's favorite child a boy named Akira dies. How will the old master deal with the loss. *Warning* Sad Fic

The Amazon Catfight Perfume has put her revenge off long enough. She has decided that the time has come to show Shampoo what it is to suffer. The fight that ensues turns out to be more than either one bargained for. *Warning* Lime Bits

Echoes of the Past: Shampoo and Perfume were once best friends an allies. They are mortal enemies now. When an enemy from their past comes to kill both, can they put aside their Petty differences and unite as a team once more?

Water Works: Kodachi is determined to figure out who is cursed in Nerima. Can any withstand teh assault of her supersoaker?

Nerima 20th Reunion 20 Years in the future the old gang gets back together. What has changed and what has stayed the same. Begining of the Ranma 2020 storyline.

Nerima 20th Reunion Part 2

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