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Smith and Wesson:
The Original Point and Click Interface

Howdy ya'll!! I am in Texas! Where the sun almost always shines, and it almost never rains. It's the land of no turn signals, running red lights, and the home of overpriced trucks! Where are you from?

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Stevo's Philosophies on life.

Check out my collecion of quotes, bumper stickers, and anything else that will make you Laugh!

If you want to see me, and I know you do, check out my picture.

Has someone stepped on too many of your toes? Do you want to get a little back? Well, send them a Voodoo Doll and make their day special!

Baseball cards are a hobby of mine, and I have an extensive website dedicated to them.

Do you like music? I love cranking up my stereo!! Check out my page dedicated to Rock and Roll. Some of my favorites at the moment include Metallica, and Godsmack. How about poetry? I have known a lot of great poets throughtout my career as a writer. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. However, I did write a poem that I actually liked. So , I had it published.

Why not to Drink and Drive!!

Do you like older women? I love them!

Here is an interesting analysis of my name.

Today is

If you have any questions (or answers to the Meaning of Life), feel free to e-mail me.

Mental backup in progress - Do not disturb!

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Due to the content of the this material, some of you may be offended. Well, good! That's what I wanted to do. However, in regards to copyright materials, if you copy anything without permission, I have the right to beat your ass. I know who you are, and I know where you live. I will find you!