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Getting behind in work

On the farm, life is great, life is neat,
Almost every new day is a repeat,
Have too many ups in a day for me,
Got to git up, and got to stand up, you see,

Then I have to wash up, and dress up, too,
Must eat up, then hook the team up, phew!
All this , and the day is only beginning,
Got to see the list the wife has been penning.

First thing to do is mend the roof of the barn,
But that can't be done due to rain, darn!
Then clean the henhouse, that's indoors,
Heck, I'd rather work outside in the downpours.

Looks like I may get a little behind today
Reminds me of another man who for his pay,
Worked at the airport down in Lexington,
Claimed to be a mechanic and said it was fun,

Had a wife and children that counted five,
A family that size needs the breadwinner alive,
There was a two seater warming up on the pad,
Too close to this fellow who was their dad,

Too busy at his work to notice the objects around,
And the grinder he used muffled the sound,
Well, he backed into that propellor, some call it a quirk,
But I tell you, that guy got a little behind in his work.

Written by:J.A.Manning




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