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Multiplayer Use Map Settings Maps

(6)Rival Compounds--Infiltrate the other teams base and make it to their data disk for victory. 3 ways into each base. Warning alert sounds when base has been infiltrated. This map has all the Gadgets and garnishing one could ask for. Closed circuit video room reveals entire base. Buy Marines. Set up a remote detonating explosive. KILL!
(3)SuperGun (2vs1)--2 user selectable races try to destroy the Ion Canon possesed by a Terran player. Terran has a fortress and a Sarah Kerigan that can plant an explosive, lay mines, and set up map revealers. Some Zerg scattered around the map prevent rushing. Crystal components must be gathered with science vehicle to make Ion canon work. Target Ion canon with an observer to blast your opponents. Teleporters also. Harvesting resources required.
(6)TH BattleTech--This map is similar to cap the flag minus the CTF aspect. With Ore Goliaths can create:Marauder Class Goliath, Marines, Mines, Map revealers, Wraiths, Tanx, and Ghosts which may Nuke. Mana cost on the Comsat Station is reduced for easy detecting. Ore is rewarded for kills and acquiring a crystal which moves to one of 12 random locations each time it is taken. Goliaths also have random respawn locations.
(8)Cap The Flag paintball--I have had a good response from players with this map. Like paintball but takes more than one shot to kill. I boasts some intricate triggers an multiclass characters. Mines like in MECHWARS and an Engineer who can create sentry guns.
(7)Predator vs. Aliens--Play one of 7 classes of warrior while protecting rescued civilians from zerg onslaught that begins after 5 minutes of playing. Total time 10 minutes. Some classes have special abilities that are activated by a probe/beacon trigger in the lower right of the map.
(8)MECHWARS--Paint Ball style with upgrade-able Goliaths. Money is rewarded for kills. Spider Mine laying Goliaths add new dimension.I am currently working on a new version of this map that will include a lot more functions like in Cap the Flag
(6)WorldMap--Recreation of Earth. Map has wrap around triggers which enable players to fly completely around the world. (inspired by cold war. Latitude is preserved during wrap around [sorry to out do you chris])

Multiplayer Maps

(4)Lunar Struggle--Excellent 4 player map. Teams or FFA. Surface is saturated with craters. Expansion is tricky. Good use of a theme.

This list is fully updated with latest versions of all maps. I appoligize maps are not in (2)standard naming format but this site will not accept )( characters for uploads

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