Destiny for a Fossil

Just a thought, but if we know and are fully aware that history repeats itself, why do we as humans continue to repeat our past mistakes? Here’s what I was thinking just thirty seconds ago:

Before we had calendars and cellular telephones, before we had Big Macs and SUVs, there were large beings walking this Earth, known to most free thinking individuals as Dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs were large burdensome creatures and couldn’t form intelligent thought, much like Al Gore. They roamed the Earth in search of food, and were wiped from it by a gigantic flaming item falling from the heavens.

See if you can follow what I’m thinking. Is President G.W. Bush not just asking for this again with his brilliant missile defense system? If the American Government had it their way, according to a recent 60 Minutes 2 interview of America’s Nuclear General, America would have 1 Bomb that could annihilate all of our enemies in one sweeping event. Right now our government is testing weapons that, with a push of a button, can virtually wipe out three of our most hated enemies. This time, instead of a meteor causing the mass destruction of the Earth’s most dominant species, it’ll be a man made missile with the capacity to destroy nearly everything in one nuclear holocaust. And pissing off the Europeans by making his trip there this week helps this a whole hell of a lot too. In a CNN Quick poll today, CNN asks, “Is President Bush Welcome In Europe?” 58% of 13574 people who responded to the poll said “No”. 19% said Yes, and 23% said that it depends on which part of Europe. Almost 8,000 people on 1 afternoon poll don’t think that Bush and his ideas are welcome in Europe. The media has had a field day with him there and most of the major governments, including England, Germany, and France, are pissed because good Gorgie isn’t even paying them a visit this time through. Instead he wasted the entire day today in Spain. The other sites Mr. Bush is visiting in this landmark trip? Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Slovenia. Like we have any thing to worry about from these countries?? Seriously! Think of how the most powerful nations in the world feel about getting snubbed by the United States? The idea of one nuclear holocaust may be a little far fetched right now in the year 2001, but you do have to admit that the possibility is out there. Bush, not unlike the mighty Tyrannosaurs Rex, is stepping on just the wrong people and biting off a good deal more than he, or the American People, could possibly chew. gold...Texas tea