Cool Places To Waste Your Time At

Ok, here are some cool ass links for you guys to go check out. Some of them rule so much that I made em! Other rule just because they do. Some suck. I guess you'll have to find out which is which. But if you hit any of these links be kind to the owner and sign their guest makes us so happy!



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The Juciy Cerebellum (Best thing that ever happened)
The Official Jabarvy Homepage ( My band..we rule..go here)
ViceGod (The guy that got me started)
Shameass's page (In no particular order)
Mojo (Home of Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish)
Holly McNarland's Stormy Page (She is amazing)
My friend in Michigan's really cool Smash Mouth Page
Kenley's Homepage ( a friend of mine...she scratches my back and I ummm...)
The New Mix 100.3...I work there!
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