Stupid Fat Bitch Says...

I work at a shitty resturant right now. I am a shitty expediter/busser and tonight I was working the busser shift. I was cleaning the muck off of a rich bastard's table when I over heard the table behind me talking about an old lady at a nursing home. I thought, hey these people are rich...I'll bet they say something incredibly stupid. So I looked up to see a cackling, middle-aged, white, fat bitch telling the story. I listened harder and her next sentence seemed to come out like a bad action movie slow-mo shot. As she streinuoulsy began to part her bulbous lips she began to say...

"Thank God that woman doesn't go to my church or I would have tripped her."

A cackle erupted from the yuppy's table. Now if you think about that sentence and all it's stupidity, it pisses you off in ways that are so unimaginable. I wanted to throw the plates I was carrying to the kitchen at her. First of all she is a living example of the sin of glutony. If Kevin Spacy had met her in the movie Seven he would have passed up that fat ass at the beginning of the movie and made that bitch eat all of the spagetti. Secondly, every word out of her mouth the whole time I was listening was about church and religion as she poured herself another glass of wine. Thirdly, the hypocrisy flowing from the statement was enough to make me gag. I think pigs like her should be taken out and shot. Then slow roasted, and cut into tiny pieces to feed to the starving children that escaped the coat hanger.

Dude! I love pork chops...send my kids some of the bitch
No way man....I've said stupider things