Houston on a Good Day

Houston is a cesspool. People of Houston, please donít get rowdy and defend your town. If you want to talk shit about my town, itíd be ok. I wouldnít hate you.

Honestly though, stop driving and take a look around you. The sky isnít supposed to be brown. Sunsets arenít supposed to look that color. Go to Alaska and witness how to Earth used t be. The sky is blue there and they have birds. On second thought, donít go there. Alaska doesnít really want you.

But do move away from Houston. Far, far, far away. One day Houston will fall into itself like the belly of the damned. Concave would suit Houston. Collapse is awaiting it.

You donít want to be there when that happens, do you?

Yet, people still go. In droves mind you. Thousands, like moths to a flame. A cesspool of opportunity. A place to be no one.

I'm from H-Town bitch and you're a dead man

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