Psuedo High-Five

"...I found out she was 28. I mean, she had these monster tits, the perfect ass, and lips that could suck start a lawnmower. But like I said, she was 28."

"What the hell does that matter?" said David, Reily's best friend.

"Yeah, that never stopped you before Reily. Tell us man, didja fuck her?" asked an overly excited Jason, the third in this trio of college pals.

"Guys! She was almost 30!" Reily said. "But yeah, I fucked her."

High fives went around the table as the three erupted into cheers at Reily's conquest.

"Jesus Christ man, you're such a fucking pimp. I'd pay good money to fuck an old piece of ass like that!"

Joan overheard this remark while walking to the table. She was disgusted more than offended since she wasn't what you would call a feminist...just proud. She also, coincidentally, was the trio's waitress. She quickly walked back to the kitchen to spit in their food.

"So, I've got this plan guys," said Reily. "I talked Kristin into coming over Thursday night, and I plan to convince her and Kim to get together and fuck me. I've got my room all set up with a camera in order to film the love fest. We can watch it this weekend."

The other two shook their heads in disbelief as Joan returned with their spittled food.

During the course of the meal the conversation remained at gutter level. Reily talked about the recent women he'd had, David talked about his oversized cock, and Jason, the least sexually active of the three, comments on his ex-girlfriend's recent abortion.

"Jesus Jason! I'm eating!" screams Reily.

"No shit man! There are just some thing that shouldn't be discussed over food." says David.

Silence engulfs the table for the first time during the evening as the young men finish and pay for their meal.

They leave a tip of $1.53.

Joan curses their mothers as she scrapes the money, mostly dimes, off the table. "There are better ways to make a living", she thinks to herself.

The three boys exchange goodbyes in a psuedo high-five handshake. They are somewhat uneasy with each other as they climb into their sporty SUV's and head to their respective homes. The silence during the ride home is deafening, and the walk to the apartment is lonely and cold. Each will sleep uncomfortably during the night, waking up periodically to wipe the sweat from their feverish brows.