A Letter From The Editor

Hello Kids. My name is Bartholowmiew J. Finklestein, editor of Unfinished Boundaries. Brian has asked me to write to you today in liew of his abscence. Many of you may not know that our fair leader has been under extreme stress as of late and is now bed ridden with a severe case of alterstress-o-testus. He has been instructed by a custodial pshyciatrist not to involve himself with anything that requires immediate thought. Brian, knowing good and well that his faithful Unfinished readers would be upset by the lack of productivity on the page, he defied his doctors orders and came up with new thoughts of the day. Thus came the mighty breakdown that occured two days ago with the thought which stated, "Hoy no poy tre gun lo filk yo soy no aye de que." Brian recieved many letters of anger by some of the less humorous Unfinished readers that stated they were upset by the fact that they needed a translator to read the thought of the day. Little did these readers know that Brian had collapsed into a pool of his own fecies and began singing Michael Bolton's hit, "Time, Love, and Tenderness." Brian has, however, left me a list of thoughts of the day. Thoughts that he managed to squeeze out while taking a break from singing in the instrumental portions of Annie Lennox's "Why?" His doctors have informed me that within a few short days Brian should be feeling more like his sarcastic, big mouthed self and should be able to return to updating this page daily. Thank you for your patronage.


Bartholomiew J. Finklestein
(Managing editor)

That is no excuse! What a loser!

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