So you THINK you wanna know me...

So you want the truth about your fearless leader....well you CAN'T HANDLE DESE NUTZ....well if you really want to, we can arrange that. However, until I get mail telling me that I am the god of the new free-thinking world...then I'll just go on with the excruciating details of me.

Alright...take the brain of Matt Pinfield (MTV's 120 Minutes), the face of Andrew McCartney (From Weekend at Bernies), the hair of Dave Mathew's and Scott Klopenstien (Both musicians), and the body of Arnold Schwartzcoph. Together.....they make the unbeatable force of Brian the destroyer! Check out my picture at the preceding link.

A very little bit about myself: I like music. All types. I'm a writer. I used to be a DJ. I want to fly helicopters and lead a new revolution of free-thinking and free speech. (Hey I said very little)

Damnit...I didn't really get to know the REAL you sexy
Whoa.....he doesn't look anything like Michael Bolton!