Late Night Thoughts...

As I sit, the late night porno shows out across my motel room. The little, innocent girl's smile beamed as she revealed a string of a glistening substance on her tongue. What was I doing sitting here becoming another part of the filth we call a country? Every part of this so-called wonderful and independent country sucks you in until there is nothing left in your head and you are a slave to their television sets. The media tells you what's right and what isn't; what's cool and what isn't. We use to be able to make up our own mind, but now our own mind doesn't belong to us. It belongs to the upper-class, white men who run our government. The upper-class, white men who look as though they'd sexually abuse their children, cheat on their wives, and pick up prostitutes off the side of a dark street alley. And we leave the most important decisions in our country to these men. What does that say abut us? It says that we'd rather sit at home and watch T.V. then try and make a difference in what's happening around us. That's why television was made, was so that us "dumb" Americans would fall into the trap of the upper-class, white men and in their hopes, they'd eventually run the country...maybe the world! But, then again, what do I know? I'm one of those "dumb," television watching Americans. So, I'll just place my dick back in my pants and live my life the way everyone is told to.

-Written By Cheshire

Damn! What an imagination! are scaring me Brian...I don't like this girl