Caroline's Spine - Monsoon

Although I wasn't overly impressed with the song writting on this album, after I listened to the CD twice I fell in love with many of the songs amazing guitar parts and soon found myself examining the simplicity of the lyrics and interpruting them in deeper and more powerful ways. I compare them to a cross between Sponge, the Detroit, Michigan band famous for their debut album "Rotting Pinata", and the Canadian band Our Lady Peace, who in their own right are masters at the art of song writting. With the overly powerful Sullivan, a song about the Sullivan family lyrics and powerful guitar riffs hit with harsh reality at what our country did to the lives of many families during drafting years. Mrs. Sullivan's 5 sons are taken away by the navy and then killed in battle without ever being able to contact their grieving mother. Caroline's Spine opens the CD with an equally powerful song entitled "King For A Day" with extremly catchy lyrics like,"All I want is an ice cream cone\A convertible car\And a Country Home". The CD then moves to a more melodic, yet equally as catchy song called "Wallflower". The only reason I deny this CD the chance at a 5 midget rating is little blurbs of pathetic song writting in a song called, "You and Me". The band enters a breakdown portion in which the lyrics, "Like a cracker without cheese\I can never get close enough to you". Yet as the CD progresses the band truely shines. Monsoon is overall a very well written debut record from Carlonie's Spine.

Rock on! I'm gonna get that CD