A Letter to G.W. Bush

Feeling amazingly forlorn and comfortably frustrated, I decided to write to Mr. Bush today in lieu of his decision to abandon the Koyoto Treaty. Sometimes I just feel so helpless...so frustrated. Words are so useless when they fall upon deaf ears.

Dear Mr. Bush: (and everyone who will read this letter for transgressions)

I doubt this will do any good. You've already shown the American people that you do not listen, or care about what we have to say. I just feel lost, hopeless, and abandoned. I feel frustrated because I know you do not care for the interests of the common people. I understand that you are among the wealthy, and I am but among the poor and that you feel as if this is my fault. I understand what you mean.

I just want to know what you're doing up there in your office. I want to know if you have a conscience. I want to know if you have a soul. America has always been the elite country. The proud among so much desolation. Why then do you feel as if you must further this vacant truth? Why do you feel that by abandoning the environment and abandoning our children you are somehow advancing the American cause?

I look forward to the future. I think it's going to be an alright time to live in. But I need your help. I need you to understand that money is not the bottom line. I want you to understand that we will run out of fossil fuels in a matter years...not decades. You will live to see the end of the fossil fuels and the end of our current electric state. Instead of confounding the problem, you should help lead the revolution to find alternate means of energy. We have so many smart people in the world. So many minds. Yet, we stay stuck in a capitalist society that refuses to acknowledge that things WILL have to change, no matter what we plan on doing.

I am so scared right now. So frightened. You say you want compromise, you want compassion and understanding. Well, I say, show us the way fearless leader. Show us how to be compassionate, show us how to be understanding. Teach us to work together, and not to abandon. We elected you as our leader. I beg you to lead.

With silent remorse
Brian Melton

You too can write George W. Bush so his secret service agents can scan your letter and then delete it. His email address is: president@whitehouse.gov

You will in turn recieve an email that looks like this:

Thank you for emailing President Bush. Your ideas and comments are very important to him.

Unfortunately, because of the large volume of email received, the President cannot personally respond to each message. However, the White House Staff reviews every email message and reports citizen ideas and concerns to President Bush.

Again, thank you for your email. Your interest in the work of President Bush and the new administration is appreciated.

The White House Office of E-Correspondence

It's all so damned futile anyway...

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