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My alter/ego is Bruce Wayne, son of Billionaire Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne who were brutally murdered by (The Joker in the 1989 movie) on the way home from seeing the movie "The Mark of Zorro" with their son Bruce. He is now the owner of Wayne Tech Industries here in Gotham City and he resides at Wayne Manor. On the fateful night Bruce's parents were killed by a mugger named Joe Chill, Bruce vowed to take revenge upon crime and never let anyone ever suffer the loss of a loved one. Alfred, who is Bruce's butler and closest friend, took care of Bruce and raised him until he was old enough to leave home. He traveled the world, attending the top universities, learning as much as he could about criminology, law enforcement,and anything related to crime fighting. His main goal was to gain knowledge of the ordinary criminal:how he thinks, how his mind works, and to try and encounter every move the criminal could make. He also sought out the best martial arts masters in the world, learning all there was to know about every single form of the martial arts. Bruce became an expert, a lethal weapon, a killer. Upon returning to Gotham he explored the city, memorizing every street and alley, every inch of every rooftop to every building, until he felt he was ready. And it was time... On Bruce's first "outing" he dressed up as a bum. He took to the streets of Gotham's East Side, the dirtiest part of town. He came across a pimp beating on one of his women. Bruce could not hold back. He knocked the man down only to get stabbed and beaten by the other prostitutes. The cops arrived on the scene and arrested Bruce. The situation was not looking good. If they brought him in it was all over. He broke free of the handcuffs, causing the car to veer off the road and crash. He escaped the police car and saved the two officers from the car wreckage before it blew up. Bruce made it home, severely wounded and went into his father's study and sat thinking about what had happened. "They weren't afraid of me. I need to make them afraid of me", Bruce repeated to himself, over and over again. Just then, a giant bat crashed through the window of the study, perched itself on a statue, and glared into the eyes of the wounded man.It was the surest warrior, the purest warrior... ... And thus the Batman came to form. Home now, sitting in the library of his family mansion, staring out the windows at the twilight, wondering. He would fight crime. He would take his childhood trauma and mold it, fashion it into something useful. But how? Suddenly the window in front of him shatters, and a bat flaps into the room. In that instant, before the shards of glass strike the rug, that fast, he performs a profound act of creation; he creates a kind of person who has never before existed. "... I must be a creature of the night. I shall become a bat." At first Batman was seen as a threat to the city and was chased by the Police because he was a Vigilante until Commissioner James Gordon who was transferred to Gotham City from Chicago and his wife and son were kidnapped by someone and nearly killed them both, but were saved by the Batman. In thanks for saving his wife and son James Gordan looked to Batman to fight the criminals of Gotham and had a Bat-Signal put up to call upon the Batman for his help.

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