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Trailriders Horseback Riding Book
Trail Rider's To Do’s & Don’t Forgets

Trail riders, horseback riders, horse book readers and horse lovers ....
Here is a book just for you!

Ever been on a trail ride and either forgot to:
Bring something
Do something or Check on something?

Here’s the book to help you remember your Do’s and Don'ts.
You never would forget your horse or your saddle –
but you may be surprised at how many other things
Do get forgotten!

Trail Riders To Do’s & Don’t Forgets.

Over 20 years of trail riding experience to compile this book.

Lots of Information.

Things to Check and Do before the ride.

Helpful Hints for you and your horse.

Great Suggestions on how to improve your trailer
to make it just like home.

Web Sites and E-Mail Addresses for trail riders
and The Texas Horse Law

For a Fun, Safe and Relaxing ride – get this book and enjoy!

Here’s the cost $8.50 includes S&H

(Sorry No Refunds)

Copyright A. J. Marvin 1998

Trail Rides Can Be:
& Very Relaxing

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