The Fourth Month

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Du'uzu or Tammuzu

(1) Sowing
(3) Offerings of Astabi
(4) Carrying Food and Water to the Sheep for Ningirsu
Feast of Baba
When the Silo was Heaped Full of Grain
(4a,b,c; 5) Preparation for Sowing
(6) amar-šag-gu-nanna - Offering of the Amar-Šag Duck of Nanna
(8) Making of the First Malt
(10a) The Great Wailing
(11d) Figs

(BM) Regents of the Monthly Decans, Aries Vernal Equinox:
Kaksisa, "The Javelin" Sirius, Ea Way
Maštabba, "The Twins," Gemini Minores, Anu Way
Altar, "The Destroyer," Cancer, Enlil Way (a variant has Bulug, "Crab")
(In Taurus period stars of Simanu)

1. (5) ezen-gišgi, "Festival of the Cane-Brake"

2. (8) Nisag offerings for sacred offerings and places, associated with water and throne; ritual at temple of Šara for Šara of Umma and Dumuzi of Urua
3. (8) First Barley steeped in water
4. (8) Šulgi barged to Kian
5. (8) Šulgi returns from Kian
9. (BM) Procession of Torches
11. (15, PT) Summer Solstice ceremony, procession from Esagila to Ezida
12. (PT) Incantation
13. (12a) elum (going to the Netherworld) of Belet-Suhner and Belet-Terraban
14. (5) Beginning (?) of akiti-šununum Festival (Preparation for Seeding) at the Sacred Mound
15. Procession in Uruk (for the Gods?)
16. (PT) Feast of Sacæa (temporary King for next five days)
17. (15) Kettledrum performance for Palil (Ištar)
18. (12a) Great Offering Day in Abum Festival;
19. (14) Oil for washing statues of Ištar and Dumuzi
20. (PT) Last day of Feast of Sacæa
22. (5) Last (?) day of akiti-šununum Festival
25. (15) Day of the Striking(?)
26. (15) In Assyria, Dumuzi's statue displayed; "Day of the Screaming"
27. (15) In Assyria, Dumuzi's statue displayed; the "Day He is Caught"
"His death is when they burn the roasted barley, which they were casting on Tammuz, on the stones. The burned parts which are produced go up to the upper regions, as it is said: '[The image of] your brother which they soak in beer lifts up the body of the brother, as it is said'" (Livingstone, Court Poetry no. 38 rev. 2-8; quoted in Cohen Cultic Calendars p. 317; cf. Jacobsen's trans. same page)

28. (15) "Day of the Stall" (where Dumuzi was captured by the Galla) in Assyria;

29. (15) Couch erected for Dumuzi to lie in state (Assyria)

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