Using This Site

This site is being designed for two types of studentsFirst, then, read the Technical Note. This will give you a handle on where I'm coming from.
After you start using the site, look to see how the material is referenced. I'll tell you if it's from academic books and journals, or ancient, medieval and modern commentaries, or if it's my own or someone else's creation. If there is no source mentioned, it is my work alone.
For instance, in the tables of correspondences some are the Babylonian's own, and some are mine and others'. In all cases, however, the introduction of the key scale is my attempt at syncretism for the sake of modern magickal practicality. The order of the key scale may or may not have any relevance to the Babylonian order. But it does make it easier for magicians to use the corresponded information.

Please write me at with any concerns or suggestions about the site. Especially how to make it more user-friendly! I am very open to suggestions and will respond to most, if not all, postings.

This site is very new and still very much under construction. Please come back often to see what's new.

Bel Murru
(Ross Caldwell)