Ritual for Curing a Sick Man

0. -
1. (The Priest(s) and Sick Man)
2. Gypsum and Bitumen
3. The Circle of Flour
4. The Three Heaps of Flour
5. The Design Drawn in Front of the Bed
6. The Drum and Cymbals
7. The Standards at the Head (of the Bed)
8. The Scapegoat at the Head (of the Bed)
9. The Censer and Torch
10. (The Priest(s) and Sick Man)

"Ritual for Curing a Sick Man," from A. Livingstone Mystical and Mythological Explanatory Works of Assyrian and Babylonian Scholars, pp. 172-3 (trans. of BM 34035 ll.13-23).

The elements of this ritual and the Gods attributed to these elements are a fascinating insight into the mesopotamian magician's concept of ritual.

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