The Eighth Month


(Meaning unknown; usually understood as "eigth month")

(1) Anointing
(3) Brazier Festival
(4) Festival of Lisi
(4a,b) Garnishing of the Year
(5) The Plow is Let Go
(7) Festival of Sulgi
(8) eitias (Houses of the Moon?) Festival of Sara
(11) h) The Washing (of Assur) for the Unfaithful

(Bm) Regents of the Monthly Decans, Aries Vernal Equinox.
Uridim, "The Mad Dog," Lupus. Ea Way.
Girtab, "Scorpion Star," Scorpio. Anu Way.
Rabbu, "The Blazing Star," Corona Borealis (?). Enlil Way.

1.(10b) ne-IZI-gar (lighting braziers) in Larsa, sometime in 8th month; (10d) ne-IZI-gar in Badtibira; (Bm) Whole month sacred toMarduk, Sage of the Gods (apkalli ilani) and Lord of the Deep (bel nakbi); (KL) The Great Bakht;

2.(KL) mar salama;


4.(KL) Feast of the Tents;

5.(15,PT) Procession of Misarri from Ehenuna to Adad temple / Procession of Misarri; (KL) Feast of the Tents; damu mlh for the Shaving of the Head;

6.(Bm) Release of a debtor or prisoner; (KL) Feast of the Tents;

7.(KL) Feast of the Tents;

8.(KL) Feast of the Tents;

9.(14) islitu-Ritual; (KL) Feast of the Tents;

10.(KL) Feast of the Tents;

11.(KL) Feast of the Tents;

12.(PT) Sacrifice for Adad; (KL) Feast of the Tents;

13.(KL) Feast of the Tents;

14.(KL) Feast of the Tents;

15.(15) special ablutions for Sin in Assyria; (KL) Feast of the Tents;

16.(15) special ablutions for Adad in Assyria; (Bm) release of a debtor or prisoner; (KL) Feast of the Tents;

17.(15) special ablutions for Samas in Assyria; (KL) Feast of the Tents; tarsa, the Idol of Venus;

18.(Bm) Samas festival: two kinunu (braziers) covered and set before the sons of Bel (Adad and Samas) in Esagil; (PT) Various offerings / Incantations / Hymn to Anu / Procession from Anu to Samas; (KL) Feast of the Tents; Feast of Sarug;


20.(14) islitu-Ritual;

21.(PT) Incantations;




25.(7) na-ab-ri-um of Annunitum and Ulmasitum; (Bm) Day sacred to Zababa of Kis; cow sacrificed before Kettledrum, and fire placed in brazier; not to go into the street; (PT) Offerings;

26.(Bm) Release of a debtor or prisoner;


28.(9a) Festival of gan-gan-mu-e (When the murderers come out?) in Uruk;


30.(14) islitu-Ritual; (KL) Breaking of the Nine-day Fast;