The Ninth Month


(meaning unknown)

(1) First Fruit Harvest
(3) Opening of the Gate
(4) Malt Consumption of Nanse
(4a,b) When the Grain is Laid to Rest
(4c) Garnishing of the Year
(5) Month when the Clouds Come Out
(6) ezi-mah-nanna; Great Festival of Nanna
(8) The Goddess Lisi
(10a) Festival of su-es-sa
(11) i) The Washing of Assur for the Faithful

(Bm) Regents of the Monthly Decans, Aries Vernal Equinox.
Zalbatanu, "Star that Abounds in Death," Capricorn as hypsoma of Mars. Ea Way.
Ugkadua, "The Raging Lion (or Panther)," Pegasus. Anu Way.
Uza, "She-Goat," Head of Capricorn. Enlil Way.
[Pabilsag, Sagittarius. Ea Way;
Gir-an-na, Scorpio, in MB period onward]
(in Taurus period regents of Arahsamna)

1.(13) nabrum-Festival; divination to determine destiny for coming year; (15) Footraces held throughout Mesopotamia, representing Ninurta's victory over Anzu (according to Assyrian sources), when Anu says 'Go inform all the Gods!;' (15) Uruk, temple staff on duty for the Brazier Festival; light Braziers for various Goddesses;

2.(14) Sacred meal for Istar; (15) lighting Braziers in Uruk for Goddesses;

3.(PT) Clothing Ceremony

4.(15) special ablutions in Assyria for Assur; (PT) Ceremony before Marduk / Offerings for Marduk and others; (KL) Offering Ceremonies in honor of Venus;

5.(14) Festival for the Chariot of Nergal; offering to Istar; (KL) Offering Ceremonies in honor of Venus;

6.(7) Festival of the Carnelian Statue of Su-Sin (day 6/7); (15) Uruk, Brazier Festival; (Bm) Water poured out to Ereskigal; (PT) Offerings to Enlils and Adads (evening of 6/7); (KL) Offering Ceremonies in honor of Venus;

7.(14) Festival of the Chariot of Nergal; offerings to Istar; (15) Uruk, Brazier Festival; (KL) Offering Ceremonies in honor of Venus; Addressing of tsan/nsan, the Idol of Venus;

8.(15,PT) Offerings to Lugalasal and Lugalbanda; brazier of Lagalasal "clad in nibihu-garments;" (KL) Offering Ceremonies in honor of Venus;

9.(Bm) Day of Sarsarbi (Nergal); two braziers covered with mourner's garment; Feast of Lighting Braziers (also 10th, 17th, 22nd); (KL) Offering Ceremonies in honor of Venus;

10.(Bm) Feast of Lighting Braziers continues; (PT) Offerings to Ea and others; (KL) Offering Ceremonies in honor of Venus; Feast of the Idols of Mars;

11.(KL) Offering Ceremonies in honor of Venus;

12.(PT) Offerings to Istar / Incantations;

13.(PT) Offerings to Anunnitu and Sarrat-Sippar;

14.(15) Uruk, Brazier Festival; (PT) Offerings to Asratu;

15.(12d) elunum-Festival; (15) Uruk, Brazier Festival; (Bm) Nergal worshipped; water poured out to Ereskigal, an old woman holds aloft date-palms; (PT) Offerings to Astar and Belet-Agade;

16.(PT) Clothing Ceremony / Offerings to Nabu (evening of 16/17);

17.(Bm) Sacred to Nabu, two braziers of cedar covered in chapel; Feast of Lighting Braziers continues; (PT) Ceremony before Nabu;

18.(KL) Breaking of Nine-day Fast;


20.(14) Anointing the Throne of Samas;(KL) Feast of the Demons;


22.(Bm) Feast of Lighting Braziers continues; (PT) Offerings to Uras;


24.(14) Sprinkling the Palace (with Oil); (KL) Feast of the Nativity;

25.(5) beginning? of gan-gan-mu-e "When the murderers come out"? Festival (netherworld festival); (Bm) Sacred to Uras (Ninurta), brazier covered with mourner's garment; bearing palms for Nergal in procession; (PT) Offerings to Lugalmarada and others;


27.(Bm) Resurrection of Nergal or Tammuz (who went down on 18th Tammuzu);

28.(Bm) Resurrection of Nergal or Tammuz; Lighting Braziers for Samas and Resurrected God; Recite Hymn "O Nergal, Mighty One, at whose cry the closed door opens; O Lord who comes by night, for whom the bolted doors open of themselves; O Lord that comes by night, the child-bearing mother is dear to you;" (PT) Offerings to Nergal (evening of 28/29); (KL) Invocation of the Demons;

29.(7) 7 Oxen for the Carnelian Statue of Su-Sin;(KL) fata for the Demons;

30.(Bm) Bean-stalks held above the heads of worshippers and prayers said to the Great Earth-Goddess; (KL) Feast of the Consultation; Celebrations for the Beginning of the Month of the ra'is al-hamd;