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BABYLONIAN MAGICK is my attempt to present the magickal, mystical and mythological texts of the ancient mesopotamians together as a comprehensive system of initiation. My guide in this has been largely the text Reshe Ishkari, the "Titles of the Works of Magick," an 8th century b.c.e. document known to scholars from its first publication as KAR 44. My system of organizing these Works is based on the order of the Gates of Babylon, as listed in another ancient work, Tintir=Babylon, which itself is a sort of mystical interpretation of the structures of the city of Babylon. Tintir=Babylon presents Babylon as a sacred city, and using it as a guide we can place all of the magickal documents of ancient mesopotamia in the order of the Western Magickal Tradition - of which Babylonia was one of the mainsprings.