Gates of Babylon 2
(Ascending Order)

0. -
1. -
2. -
3. Shamash
4. Adad
5. King's Gate (Sin)
6. Enlil
7. Ishtar
8. Marduk
9. Zababa
10. Urash

This order counts backwards from the last listed gate to the first - which, if you were "climbing" the Sephiroth would make Urash the first Gate and Shamash the last.

Since there are only eight gates, you may take the last two "missing" gates in this scheme to be the temples Esagil and Etemenanki, Esagil for number 2 (the Magus in Initiation) and Etemenanki for number 1 (the Bond of Heaven and Earth - an apt symbol of completion). They also supply the vertical dimension to the scheme, as the eight gates are the horizontal entrances to the city.