Friendly Sites

The following are links to sites with a neopagan or magical approach to ANE

Gateways to Babylon, the greatest and most extensive site with myths, adaptations, rituals and essays about every conceivable subject related to Everlasting Babylon!

Babiloni a-Brasil, Luz de Ishtar (Lishtar), has authored a site worth learning portuguese for! The first (and only) of its kind

Babyloniaca, an eclectic ANE site for practical and adventurous people.

Twin Rivers Rising, a vast and erudite site with a magical focus.

Ordo Templi Astartes, an active Temple of the deities of the ancient Levant.

Chris Siren's Myths and Legends page, full of links to the ANE (among many others).

Qadash Kinahnu, a beautiful and extensive neo-Canaanite priestess' temple.