The Second Month


"Rosette"/ "Donkey Festival"

(1) Measure or Heat?
(3) Offerings Festival of Kamis (Biblical Chemosh)
(4) Festival of Lugalubara/ Barley Consumption of Ningirsu / Barley Consumption of Nanse
(5) Month the Horned Oxen March Forth
(8) The Brick in the Brick-Mold
(9) When work is performed on the iskaru-Field
(11) b) ?

(Bm) Regents of Monthly Decans, Aries Vernal Equinox.
Mul-mul, "The Stars", Pleiades, called 'Seven Gods.' Ea Way.
[Gud-an-na, "Bull of Heaven," Taurus. Anu Way; in MB period]
Su-gi, "The Old Man," Auriga (?). Way of Anu.
Anunitu, Star of Goddess Anunit. Enlil Way.
[ li-e, "Star of the Tablet," Aldebaran. Enlil Way; in MB period]
(Taurus Vernal Equinox stars of Nissanu)

1.(7) end ? of elunum of Belat-terraban and Belat-suhner (with reappearance of Moon?);(9a) e-lu-num of Inanna during 2nd month; (10a) e-lu-num of Belat-terraban and Belat-suhner sometime in 2nd month; (13) elunum-Festival;

2.(15) Nabu proceeds from Borsippa to Ehursaba in Babylon, dressed as bridegroom for Nanaya; (PT) Wedding procession of Nabu from Ezida to Ehursaba; (KL) Salugha, Prince of Satans; Celebrations for the God 'Ibn al-Salm, making vows;

3. (15) preparation of the marriage-bed of Nabu and Tasmetum in Calah; (KL) Festival of al-bughdariyyin;

4. (15) Nabu marries Tasmetum in Calah (the "sacred marriage" hazannu GAR-nuni); special ablutions for Sin; (KL) The Vows;

5. (15) Nabu and Tasmetum served a "royal meal" at Calah (they remain in the bed-chamber until the 11th); (KL) 'amislh, Feast of Baptism;

6. (15) Nabu displayed in temple garden in Babylon; (PT) Ceremony in Temple Garden; (KL) 'amislh, Feast of Baptism;

7.(8) Festival of Sara of the Brick-mold; (15) Nabu crowned in Uruk at Eanna, assumes Anu's kingship; (Bm) Beginning of Festival of Sacred Marriage of Tammuz and Istar; (PT) Procession from Eme.urur to Eanna; (KL) dahdaq, Idol of the Moon;

8.(Bm) 2nd Day of Sacred Marriage;

9.(Bm) 3rd Day of Sacred Marriage;

10.(15) Special ablutions for Samas and Adad (in Assyria); (Bm) 4th Day of Sacred Marriage;

11. (15) Nabu emerges from bed-chamber in Calah and kills wild bulls in the park; then returns to his temple and blesses the King; (15) Babylon, procession for Bel (Marduk), followed by 4 days of sacrifices; (Bm) 5th Day of Sacred Marriage; (KL) dahdaqand jurusya;

12.(15) Babylon sacrifices in Esagil and other temples; (Bm) 6th Day of Sacred Marriage; bread given to Gula; (PT) Incantation; (KL) jurusya;

13. (15) emas festival of Istar of Assur in Akitu-house; Assur, Ninlil, Ninurta and Adad attend the feast; (15) Babylon sacrifices in Esagil and other temples; (Bm) 7th Day of Sacred Marriage; (KL) barkhusya;

14.(15) Babylon sacrifices in Esagil and other temples; (Bm) 8th Day of Sacred Marriage;

15.(15) Babylon sacrifices in Esagil and other temples; (Bm) 9th Day of Sacred Marriage; a prisoner or debtor is released; (KL) barkhurusya;

16.(Bm) 10th Day of Sacred Marriage;

17.(15) Nanaya appears in Babylon; procession to Hilly Garden in Nippur; (Bm) 11th and final Day of Sacred Marriage; (PT) Procession of Nana from Ehursaba to "Mountain Garden" in Nippur; (KL) bab al-tibn;



20.(4a,b,c,5) gusisu-Festival; offering of calves to Enlil and Ninlil;(KL) The Perfection of dahdak (Dahdaq) and the Feast of tara'uz;

21.(4a,b,c,5) gusisu-Festival; offerings for all deities in the Ekur;

22.(4a,b,c,5) gusisu-Festival; honoring of Ninurta; recitation of "Plow and Hoe;" recitation of "Song of the Plowing Oxen;"



25.(Bm) Procession of Lady of Babylon;