The Twelfth Month


(either Akkadian "Worried" "Eclipsed;" Elamite or foreign word)

(1) End
(3) Barley Harvest
(4) Festival of Baba / When the Calves Begin to Mature
(4a,b,c) Consumption of the Barley
(5) Working with Barley
(8) Dumuzi
(9a) Nergal (en-dag-ga)
(11) l) The Netherworld

(Bm) Regents of the Monthly Decans, Aries Vernal Equinox.
Kua, "The Fish," Pisces, Southern Fish. Ea Way.
Ka, "Fox Star," constellation near Pisces in the ecliptic. Enlil Way.
mul-Marduk, "Star of Marduk," Perseus (?). Anu Way.
[ul zibba-ti, "Star of the Tails of the Fish," stars of Pisces; in MB period]
(in Taurus period stars of Nisannu)

1.(8) Festival of Dumuzi sometime during the month; Sacred Marriage with Inanna?; (11) Cult of Dead observed in Assyrian month Hubur; (13) humtum-Festival for Samas in 12th month; (15) lamentations recited before Assur, followed by offerings;

2.(15) Assyria, lamentation and ersemma sung to Ninlil, followed by offerings; Kettledrum performance;

3.(15) Lamentation and ersemma sung to Assur in temple of Dagan; King enters before Assur and Ninlil; censer and torches set before Assur and Ninlil; singers sing hymns; meal including goat meat offered to Assur and Ninlil; Goddess Sarrat-nipha present at banquet;

4.(12d) tebibtum (purification ritual); (KL) Breaking of Three-day Fast;

5.(15) Lamentation and ersemma recited to Assur, followed by offerings; lamentation recited before King accompanied by kettledrum; King escorts Bel-age to temple of Anu, other Gods following; censer and torches before Assur; sheep sacrificed, beer and food offered; King returns to Palace; (part of the ritual involves salt strewn over mutton);

6.(5) Festial of Carnelian Statue of Enlil;(4c or 5) Festival of Carnelian Statue of Su-Sin; (12d) tebibtum (purification ritual) twice; (15) Lamentation and ersemma recited before Assur; King goes out to Palace courtyard, given wine and salt to be used for offerings; Queen says three times "Serua has started out;" King enters temple of Adad, burns incense, lights a torch, makes and offering involving strewing salt around; (15) Babylonia, processional journey of the Gods;

7.(5) Festival of Carnelian Statue of Su-Sin; (15) ablution to Assur; Kettledrum performance; (KL) Feast of Hermes-Mercury;

8.(15) Kettledrum performance in Assyria; (PT) Sacrificial meal for Antu;

9.(15) Kettledrum performance in Assyria (festival continued through to 18th, but 11th to 16th too fragmentary to reconstruct);

10.(7) Festival of Enki;(PT) Sacrificial meal for Mistress of the Steppe;



13.(5) beginning ? of se-kin-ku Festival; (Bm) may not eat fish and fowl, because of Ea;



16.(Bm) King must release a prisoner;

17.(15) qarratu-Festival in Assyria; lamentations and ersemmas recited;

18.(15) qarratu-Festival in Assyria; lamentations and ersemmas recited;


20.(Bm) Milk, flesh and wine forbidden, cannot wear any covering for hands;







27.(7) Festival of the Wailing at the Mourning-site;(PT) Incantation;

28.(7) Festival of the Wailing at the Mourning-site;(PT) Incantation; (KL) Celebration at qubbah al-'ujurr in honor of Mars;

29.(PT) Incantation;

30.(KL) Festival in honor of the Marriage of the Gods and Goddesses;