ki.dutu.kam šu.íl.la dingir.šà.dib.ba

ki'utukku nîš qâti kimiltu

The (Conjurations) by Šamaš; the (Conjurations) of the Lifted Hand; the Angry God.

A. ki.dutu.kam / ki'utukku / The (Conjurations) by Šamaš.

This is the designation of a type of incantation which addresses Šamaš at the various times of day, or at the "stations" of other journeys, such as the seven-stage Royal ritual, the "Bath-house" (bît rimki). Their intention is to expel present or threatened evil, through the formula of Light (Šamaš) dispelling Darkness (sorceries, demons, disease, bad omens).

Marie-Joseph Seux has conveniently presented translations of the best-preserved examples of this series (HP pp. 215-232), which are given below. For a concise description of the purpose of this still-insufficiently known ritual, see the introduction to line 11a.