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Top of Texas
Brothers of the Third Wheel
Created September 9, 1999

This is the  NEW Home Page for the  Amarillo, Texas based BTW Chapter

DOC Benson's WITCH DOCTOR - Leader of the Pack

    The Top of Texas Chapter of the Brothers of the Third Wheel, International was formed in 1995 and has become a very active BTW Region in the state.

    State Director and Top of Texas,  local director, Margie, "DOC" Benson is a driving force in the group who works tirelessly in organizing a variety of monthly, seasonal and annual events for Chapter members and those in surrounding states where BTW Chapters are found.


    LABOR DAY 1999 was the third Annual Top of Texas TRIKE-IN staged by "DOC", her husband "BONES" and members of the Chapter. Over 45 trikes from Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas were in attendance for the three day event.

    Arrival of trikes began on Friday at the KOA Campground in Amarillo. A Poker Run was held at 10:00 AM on Saturday with an Auction and Raffle for members on Saturday Afternoon.

    Saturday evening featured Trike Games for all.

    The weather was cooler than 1998 and many folks from the Dallas/Ft Worth area were glad to "come to the mountains" and cool off.  An unexpected rain on Saturday night surprised everyone.

    Breakfast Sunday Morning was at The Big Texan Steak Ranch - Home of the FREE 72oz. Steak Dinner ( FREE, that is, if you eat it ALL, including a potato the size of a football - must be consumed in under one hour, without getting up from the table.) Scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, country fries, mixed fruit, coffee and cake served in an Old West Atmosphere.

    Following the breakfast ride, the trikers returned to the KOA to prepare for a trike show at 1:00 PM.

    Awards and presentations were made at 3:00 PM and the remainder of the evening was spent with saying good by to those who had to get an early start for home. Others staying overnight visited until way in the AM and pulled out before noon on Monday.

AWARDS Trophies and Plaques Presented Were:
 First Place - "Woody", Tennessee - Black

Second Place - Shermaine Hadley - Ft. Worth

Third Place - Jack Hunt, Amarillo - Red w/spoiler


Fourth Place - "Duke", Oklahoma - Red with Hearts

Fifth Place - Steve, Arizona - Blue with trailer

Sixth Place - "Animal" - Ft Worth - Blue Sorry, No Picture Available

Seventh Place - "Dr. Duck" Hadley, Ft. Worth - Black w/flames


Eighth Place - Lynda Haynes, Ft. Worth - Lt. Met. Blue


Ninth Place - James Bell, Dallas - Green

Tenth Place - Carol Florence - Paradise - Black w/yellow flame tank.



Ladies Choice - Shermaine Hadley

Oldest Rider - "Dad" Armor 72 - Black w/red seats - Sorry, No Picture

Longest Distance - Steve - Arizona State Director - 1200 miles

New Trikes at this Years Event - First Time Visitors.

Jack Hunt - Red - Amarillo, Texas

9' Wheelbase   975 lbs.                                White Powder Coat, Teal Blue Vinyl

Hub Center Steering, Firestone Air Ride         TYPE IV Bus Engine

TRIPOD - White - Amarillo, Texas

Wichita Falls, Texas                      ?????

Geno, Beaumont Texas                             Others???

Attractions and Things to Do in Amarillo
    Amarillo is the Hub City for 26 counties and over 25,000 square miles of the Texas Panhandle. Truly, the Crown of Texas, the name is derived from the Spanish word for "yellow" ( probably referring to the yellowish clay soil or the abundance of yellow wild flowers in the Spring )  and the city is in the center of a five state service area including North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico. Ironically, Amarillo is closer to the capitols of five surrounding states than it is to its own state capitol in Austin.

   Places to Visit: American Quarter Horse Museum, Alibates Ancient Indian Flint Quarries (State Park), Palo Duro State Park, Lake Meredith, Panhandle Plains State Museum, Wonderland Park, Thompson Park, Old Route 66 Historical District, 6th Street "Magic Mile" of antiques, restaurants, shops and activities.

    The Memorial Day FUNFEST at Thompson Park is an annual event, and we will open the Tri-State Fair on October 1st this year at the Fair Grounds.

    Amarillo hosted the Summer 1999 Texas H.O.G Rally for the Harley Davidson group, with activities and events at the Civic Center and a mile long "block Party" on "Old Route 66" in the historic 6th street area. Depending upon which count you accept, 3000-4000 Harleys and their owners visited Amarillo for the event.

    Worlds Largest Cattle Feed Lot - Hereford, XIT Ranch in Dalhart.

   Places to Eat: Authentic Tex-Mex, Upscale Mexican fare, Numerous Steak houses, BAR-B-Q of the highest quality, Deli's, and every Fast Food franchise known to man.


    Once called, "The Worlds Largest Truck Stop" by a disgruntled oil company executive who was leaving Amarillo after a disagreement with his boss, Amarillo has a diverse industry and economic base. In addition to being a rail hub for Burlington Northern/Santa Fe RR, the city also has:

    1. The BELL-TEXTRON Osprey, V22, VTOL aircraft assembly plant.
    2. The DOE Nuclear Weapon disassembly Pantex Plant
    3. The Regional health care center which includes the Northwest Texas
        Healthcare System, The Baptist -  Saint Anthony's Hospital, The Texas
        Tech University Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy and a regional
        Veterans  Hospital.
    4. Numerous agricultural related industries and services - farming, ranching,
        cattle and swine feed lots, and a variety of food processing plants.
    5. Nearby West Texas A&M University and the oldest community college
        system in the state - Amarillo Community College.
    6. The Amarillo International Airport.

and, for the really strange, the William E. Clements campus of the Texas Prison System. One of the first maximum security facilities built outside of the main prison at Huntsville, the Clements Unit is under continual expansion and upgrade. Soon to be completed is the Extremely High Security Facility for the criminally insane. The " Charles Manson Wing" to house the Texas Chain Saw Murderers is a "Welcome Addition" to the economic prosperity of the city??????

A Great Time Was Had By All!
See Y'all Next Year!
"DOC" has already started planning for TRIKE-IN 2000
Put it on your calender....NOW!

We are now editing together a one hour, video tape of the 1999 Trike-In which will include all events, interviews and featured trikes. For further information, E-Mail me at FAX (806) 373-7726

More Pictures courtesy of Mr. Ed.  
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