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Ecuador and Peru two countries one border



ECUADOR, ECK wah dowr, lies on the western coast of South America between Colombia and Peru. The equator crosses the country. For this reason the country was given the name Ecuador, the Spanish word for equator.

Ecuador is slightly larger than the state of Colorado

Government: Republic.

Capital: Quito.

Division: 20 provinces.

Area: 104,506 square miles.

Elevation: Highest, Chimborazo Volcano, 20,577 feet (6,268 meters).

Chief Products:

Agriculture, bananas, barley, cacao, cattle, coffee, corn, rice, sugar cane, vegetables, wheat.

Forest, balsa wood, rubber, tagua (ivory palm tree) nuts.

Mining, gold, petroleum.

Manufacturing, chemicals, drugs, hats, soap.

Flag colors, Yellow stands for the New World, blue for the Atlantic Ocean, and red for Spain.

Ecuador Flag

Independence Day, August 10.

Currency: Sucre and US Dollar.

Ecuador is a land of brilliant colors and wide range of climates. Green, tangled forests cover much of the country. Many mountains are white covered with snow. Purple and scarlet flowers adorn the tropical coastal lowlands. The costumes of the Indians copy these bright colors.

The Galapagos Islands, which lie 600 miles off the Pacific coast, belong to Ecuador.

Climate: Since Ecuador lies in the tropics the climate should be warm, but the different altitudes give it a wide variety of climates. The coastal region is hot and humid with an average temperature of 83 degrees F. Temperature in the highlands range from 43 to 70 degrees F.

Important cities: Quito is the capital. Cuenca is a commercial center (Panama hats). Guayaquil is the country's largest city and chief seaport.

History: The Indian Kingdom of Quito, in what is now Ecuador, was already over 2,000 years old when the Incas conquered it in about 1470. Spanish soldiers under the leadership of Fancisco Pizarro overthrew the Inca Empire in 1533. Ecuador was liberated by Antonio Jose de Sucre (Venezuelan general) in 1822. Ecuador joined the countries of Colombia and Venezuela, and in 1822 became a part of Greater Colombia, a republic created under the leadership of Simon Bolivar. Ecuador broke away from Colombia in 1830 and became a separate republic. Ecuador gave up land in 1904 (Brasil), 1916 (Colombia) and 1942(Peru).


Guayaquil, the city my wife has her family, and I have good friends

Guayaquil, la ciudad en que mi esposa tiene su familia, y yo buenos amigos.

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Quito, Ecuador's capital. I promise someday will visit this city.

Quito, la capital de Ecuador. Prometo que algun dia visitare esta ciudad

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