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Volvo - classic 1967 144S - report of front-ender!

(This page was brought back to life when the site closed in Dec 2007)

This wonderful old car (above) now looks like this -


No A-frame intrusion!

Front doors appear untouched ...

... on either side.

Headlight from a Dodge van? ...

... no, a Simca!

WANTED - perfect front clip for a '66-'74 140 Volvo!

Would make a COOL 164!

Crumple zones doing their work ...

... see?!

Battery N.L.A.!

Don't EVER run ------ tires! (rhymes with "pooper"!

(All below is this Web Page before the wreck)


Here is the new owner's first report of the maiden voyage to Tulsa from Weatherford, Texas:

(summer of 2001)

George, I just got back from Weatherford TX this morning about 1:00. My son and I went down to buy and drive home and old Volvo 144. I thought you might be interested in knowing where it ended up.

The trip home was a little over 300 miles and I am happy to report the little 144 seemed to do better the longer it was on the road. We have planned to correct the early shifting of the transmission and rebuild the SU's right away. Replacing the steering gear will come shortly after.

We found the car through your description on the Texas Volvo Club site. I was terribly disappointed to find that hardly any of the parts that were listed were still with the car. You mentioned a good source for the lift cartridges for the trunk?

I have owned Volvos since college, (in the 60's), and have had way too many to try and count. Currently we have the 144 that we just picked up, a '65 120 sedan and a '66 120 wagon. I have started rebuilding both but after nearly 10 years have about given up on working on cars again. I would sell either or both. If you know anyone looking for a project they are both close to being drivers let me know and I will e-mail lots of pictures.

My daughter has my old '87 240 GL and I am now driving a '91 940 SE turbo. My eighteen year old son will take the 144 to drive to school and work.

I guess I will resurrect my VCOA membership now that we have a vintage Volvo on the road again. Oh, we live in Tulsa. If you come this way ever, get in touch and we'll show you how well the car agrees with Oklahoma, ( I hope the culture shock isn't too severe).

Well I just thought you might like to know where the old boy ended up.

David Wycoff,

Here is seller Bob Davis with a happy note:
Good to know opas is in a volvo lovers care. I was concerned about that when I put her up for sale.
May get to see you when you come to Ft Worth Meet Sep. 22, 2001. Stay in touch. Bob

Here is the write-up that brought David and Son to Texas and furthured the future of VOLVO!

Hello Volvo Lovers!

George Dill here in Temple, Texas, USA.

Bob Davis is selling his 1967 Volvo 144S 4-door sedan that he bought from me about three years back.

His collection of coal-oil fired VW's has grown so much that the lone Volvo must go!

Can you believe $2,000 for a first-year classic runner!?

Call Bob at 817-596-8325 for details or click on this MailBox to email at "".

Bob lives "in the country" near Weatherford and has the car registered, inspected and ready to drive home with clear title in-hand.
(348 Walden Rd. Weatherford, TX 76087-7968).

The picture above was taken in Temple as I had just washed the car in prep for Bob's arrival with a van to haul the giant stash of Volvo NOS and used-like-new parts in addition to new in-the-box goodies from ipd.

For the history of the Volvo 140 Series click to

After you get the current details from Bob come back here and read all about the car's early history!

I bought the car in its 22nd year from the original owner, Prof. Leibovitz at UT/Austin.
His Dr.Grabow pipe-bowl reamer was still hidden in the kick-panel and his granddaughter's roach clip under the dash!

This car is the first USA Volvo with tinted glass and in-dash ac which iced-up on my drive home from Austin (my fault). Bob may not use the ac. The 3-speed automatic is adequate - just keep the gas down or it will shift too early. The 4-cylinder B18-B is a high-compression zoomer with electronic ignition and electric fuel pump. The twin-SU HS6 carbs come with Grose Jets so no spilled fuel or stalling. The 4-wheel disc brakes are boosted, have dual circuits and stop ala BMW! This car will NOT over-heat, even in stop-n-go city summer traffic! The sound system is pre-Elvis so be ready with your custom boomer! The like-new tires on the original wheels look neat with the ipd trim rings and Volvo hub caps but the car really needs wider wheels and fat, low tires. The dash is original and protected by an ipd cloth cover. The front seats need covers and the floor insulation waits patiently for new carpet. The interior panels and rear seat area are as new. All glass is unbroken and all windows fully functional. The door strikers may need slight adjustment as the new seals have compressed since installation.

The engine is totally sound and the 120,000 on the car is just a warm-up! The many years I had the car saw other Volvos competing for time and money so Opas waited patiently at the curb for sometimes months with a tank full of premium and octane booster and lead additive which did little good for the gas tank and fuel lines but Bob has all in order. You can always install a fat head gasket and retard the timing to run panther pee. Front and rear oil seals can wait for the 300k valve job if needed. If the battery gets too low the starter solenoid will balk but you'll see this only when the car is dormant too long.

1967 was the first 144 year for the USA and Bob's car is cool as Volvo wanted all four doors to open square (wide) and the car to u-turn in a street's width. The rf fender is a new Volvo unit as a van door opened just as I entered a parking stall. Any previous bumps were smoothed out for the repaint as Herr Leibovitz drove by feel in his later years.

Selling this car left me with just one Volvo and a resolution to quit wrenching and spending on old cars. I did ok until April '01 when a mint 1968 Volvo 122S wagon came into my life. Here I go again! ($14,058 - so far!)

The 144S was named "Opas" - for "Grandpa's" car if you speak German. Bob Davis probably named it something else until he learned the hot-start procedure - hold the gas on the floor!

Over the years I spent about $5,300 on Opas including an $1,800 paint job not holding up well.

New on the car by me:

Vent windows, correct tint with extra locks.
Outside rear-view mirrors (2), new originals made in Germany, spring-mounted, fully adjustable and with anti-glare coating (watch those sharp edges!!!).
Bumpers, all including mounts, brackets, impact strips, mounting kits and hardware.
Mud flaps, all four with new mounts and hardware.
Park, signal and tail lights, all new housings with new seals/hardware/bulbs.
High-mounted center brake light - so nice it appears factory!
Rear plate light housing and seal (very $$$!).
All new door, hood and trunk seals (rubber gaskets).
Front seat cushion supports (passenger seat still in box?).
Turn signal switch and upper steering wheel bearing.
Suspension bushings - all, yes ALL!
Ball joints and tie rods, complete.
U-joints (3), drive shaft support bearing/mount, pinion seal and balance.
Shocks, KYB Gas-Adjust lifetime warranty (ipd).
Allison XR-700 electronic ignition and hot coil - no tune-ups or timing changes - ever!
(All original points/condensor, etc. are with the car as is the stock-style fuel pump)
Rebuilt the w/washer motor better-than-new with new nozzles, hoses and filter.
New brakes, complete! Calipers, rotors, hoses, pads, fluid, bolts, hardware and squeal strips.
Wheel bearings, all.
Gas/brake rubber pedals.
Trunk lid shocks (very$$$ and needed again! - contact me for these at good $ and with install info).
Side moulding (not Volvo) - needs new original to look good again.
AC compressor seals and hoses with R-12 charge (before the ban).
All floors completely refinished with permanent rust-proof, top-coat and insulation.
Trunk area rust-proofed (toss that JC Whitney carpet!).
Driver's door window winder rebuilt (be gentle!).
Generator rebuilt and new regulator (very$$$).

New/used Volvo and ipd Parts - boxes and boxes!

ipd anti-sway bars, complete set with all new bushes, hardware and instructions.

(If you are not privy to ipd click HERE!)

New Volvo seat belts, fully retracting with inertia-lock - just for 1967 144 and $$$$$! (front seats).
Steering box re-build kit - rare and $$$! A fully-armed home shop will install this otherwise take the box to a trusted machine shop - please!
Timing Gear (fiber) with spacer plate and gaskets/seals.
Gasket Set and assorted gaskets.
Neutral-start switch - goes on trans to prevent start-up in gear and to work back-up lights, includes installation info and tech notes.
Turn signal switch and upper steering wheel bearing (yes, another one).
Headlight relay and reverse light relay.
Insulation (roll), under-layment for carpet or rubber floor mat (NLA).
Vent window knobs, new and used, both styles.
Heater/ac blower motor from Bill Chebb in Canada - the best available!
Windshield wiper motor with all linkage, wires and brackets - used but looks brand new!
Steering column cover, brackets and hardware - like new!
Spare bulbs by the zillion and Volvo-specific screws, bolts, washers, brackets, mounts, etc.

Return here often as I keep remembering more spares and ipd goodies! (about eight big boxes)

George Dill

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