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I am using this old Texas Chapter Volvo Club of America web page to post some pictures - cool.

May 2, 2010.

Below are pics of the May 1, 2010, Volvo Car Club Meet at Cedar Hill State Park near Dallas, Texas.

For more pics, Meet chat and a write-up with Thank You's visit Swedespeed.

Thanks for doing Volvo!

George Dill

Temple, Texas.

254-541-2199 mobile anytime.



(Old site starts here)

A picture of George Dill's '86 Volvo 245 DL Wagon for sale, $2,000 in Temple, Texas, USA.

August 31, 1999

The car was purchased eleven years ago for $4,900 (60K) from a doctor's wife in a small Texas town. I needed to move into the comfort zone and away from the '66 122S of 12 years and a million miles (now with a true Volvo Lover from England).

The 245 has been maintained by the world's finest senior (35 years) Volvo Tech, Danny Clark at Garlyn Shelton Imports in Temple, Texas.

Since my '67 144S just went to a really neat old guy ( his first Volvo), I'll need to buy the '95 945T from a local family before the 245 can go. No, I'm not a "dealer" - just an old volvo nut moving toward another Volvo to keep, drive and nurture for 10-15 years.

When I got the car the original lady owner assured me that it was never hit but the doors looked re-sprayed to me (Danny found no damage)

The 245 is a "DL", you reach long for the window winders but never have to tape the "power" window shut when it falls in the door because it doesn't. The car has no airbags, ABS, OBD, knock sensor etc.

An un-salted central Texas car, this dark blue wagon needs waxed after some "toothpick" paint touch-up. The tint is a bit dark but will pass inspection in Texas. My daily-driver, the "Blue Wagon" is in excellent mechanical condition with 193K and strong grunt for a 245 Volvo with four cylinders and no turbo. My first order from ipd (see Link below) was in 1968 (no typo) so you know the car is "ipdeed". The AT is bullet-proof as is the electric OD. The ipd 3-row radiator has made the car a comfortable and cool driver even in Austin, Texas, IH-35 stop-n-crash traffic. The front seats are covered with blue cloth from ipd as the plastic Volvo stuff is hot - not a good word in August, 1999.!

New on the car since purchased by me:

ipd 3-row all-metal Radiator

Tinted Windshield
Headlight Units ($400 ea) with ipd Covers
Tail light Units ($125 ea)
Air Mass Meter ($465)
Fuel Pump Relay ($80)
Heater Blower Motor (very$)
WW Motor
Injector wire Connectors
Electrical Harness at firewall
ipd Cover on the Perfect Dash
Front and rear Engine Oil Seals (all)
K&N Free-flow (permanent) air Filter
ipd Free-flow cat-back Exhaust System (not loud and will pass 50-state smog)
American Racing 7 1/2" Alloy Wheels (conservative) with Firestone SH30 215-65-15 Tires ( 20,000 miles and perfect)
Jacob's Electronics Computerized Ignition System($500) with special Jacob's Coil, Wires and Plugs (see Link below). This life-time improvement can only be experienced, not described.
Motor/Trans Mounts
Harmonic Balancer
Wheel Bearings
Cruise Control
Shift Linkage
Neutral Safety Switch
Outside door handles
ipd Floor Mats with original Volvo carpet/mats and ipd cargo Mat

ALL the usual maintenance items/repairs over the last 132K miles!

Stuff to do around 200K +/- :
Suspension bushes (ipd bars?)
2d seat up-right rubbers (rattles)
New shocks
Install just-purchased front seat cushion spring kit (ipd)
Re-do tint (not too dark)
ipd grooved/vented brake rotors with no-squeal pads and steel hoses
Replace existing ok sound system (am/fm cass.) with a nice 10-speaker unit (and new antenna) from Crutchfield

The new owner gets to decide how much labor, time and money he/she will "sink" into a $2,000 car, Volvo or no. I've got at least $10,000 counting purchase.

Once I buy the lusted-after 945T this '86 Wagon will be ready to drive away or I will deliver for $2,500, apple pie and coffee (under 1,000 miles).

For easy Links to me see Page 4 of "Texas Chapter" Link below .


Now you see what I do on the side!

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