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The LaFrance Family

This is a picture of Gussie and George LaFrance.

George's parents were Frederick and Mary LaFrance. George and Gussie were both born in PQ Canada. Gussie's name was Hannah Augusta Mace.

George and Gussie had 8 kids. Three of them didn't live past infancy.I have no information on them. These are the ones that did live to adulthood. Harold the oldest was born in Canada on August 21 1889. Harold was married and had a son who was given up for adoption in Lisbon N.H. Harold died in December 1974.

Next was Russell LaFrance born September 2 1891 in Newbury VT. He died in the 30's from Cancer in Lisbon N.H.

Leon LaFrance was born September 07 1895 in Newbury VT. He married Pearl December 30 1916. They had 7 kids. Pearl died September 22 1965. Leon died September 1977.

This is a picture of Leon and Pearl.

This is a picture of five generations. This picture and article appeared in a railroad magazine in the 50's. If any one happens to have that magazine I would really appriciate getting a copy of it. Please e-mail me at
Mary Elizabeth LaFrance was born January 30 1900 and was married to Francis August 5 1914. They had 5 kids. Mary died March 19 1986.

This is a picture of Mary when she was a young woman.

Georgia Arlene LaFrance was born April 15 1906. She married Forest Chase in 1923. They had 6 kids. Georgia was divorced from Forest around 1954 and in 1955 married Wes Knight on December 30 1955. He died November 1961 and she died February 1979.

Here is a picture that was taking in the 60's of Georgia, Wes, Norma and Tippy.

If you have any information on any of these or are related to them.
please e-mail me at

This picture is believe to be taken in 1929 at Mary LaFrance's funeral. Mary was the mother of all these.

1. George LaFrance
2. William (Bill) LaFrance
3. Henry Charles LaFrance
4. Fredrick LaFrance
5. Josephine LaFrance Henderson
6. Elizabeth LaFrance Jessman
7. Edgar (Pete)LaFrance
8. Edward LaFrance

If you are related to any of these please e-mail me.

This is also believed to be taking at Mary LaFrance funeral

1.Mabel Jessman
2.Her Husband
3.Fred Phelps
4.Bill LaFrance's step son's wife
5.Bill LaFrance's step son
6.Dinah LaFrance
7.Bill LaFrance's wife
8.Fred LaFrance's wife
9.Fred LaFrance (different Fred)
10.Lila LaFrance #9 wife
11.Irving Jessman
If you know any of the names in this picture please e-mail me.

It has been told that a great great grandfather was a guard in England. I am not sure if it was LaFrance or Mace.

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