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    This is a very basic page.  I plan to add pictures when I can borrow my friends digital camera.  But for now it's just a list of my large dice collection.  One quick note, dice used to be made of bone a long time ago and so that’s where they came up with the term roll them bones.

two "Fuzzy dice"
one puzzle with a bunch of dice for the background
one 100-sided die
two 30-sided dice
two 20-sided dice
two 12-sided dice
four 10-sided dice
two 8-sided dice
three 6-sided dice with numbers
thirty-four 6-sided dice with dots of various sizes and materials.
two 4-sided dice
two round dice
four 6-sided golf dice
one 20-sided die from the inside of a magic eight ball
one 6-sided “Retirement die” it has things like “TV”, “Nap”, “Fish”, etc. on the sides
one 20-sidedScattegories die, a die with all the letters except Q, U, V, X, Y, Z
six 6- sided slot machine dice
sixteen 6-sided poker dice
six 6-sided hero quest dice
two 6-sided “13 Dead End Drive” dice:  2 dice with one 2, two 3’s, two 4’s, and one 5, but  no 1 or 6
one 6-sided backgammon doubler die
one 6-sided die made out of bone
two 6-sided dice made out of wood
one 6-sided maj johng die with chinese characters on all sides
eight 6-sided battletech dice
one cube with a large bubble in the middle of the plastic that has two very small dice in it.
two 6-sided dice with dots that measure only half a centimeter on each side
one analog clock with dice rolled to the time.  ex. 1 o’clock has one die rolled to one, 2 has  2 dice each at one, 12 has 2 dice each at 6, you get the idea.
one scripto VU-lighter with 2 small dice in the fuel area.
one dice picture frame
one clear dice keychain that also has 3 small dice inside
one clear dice keychain
one 6-sided dice with hearts for dots
one 6-sided dice, one with all 5’s and one with three 2’s and three 6’s, so you always roll a 7  or 11
two 6-sided dice shaped like vertebrae.
two strange dice, one has 3 T’s and 3 P’s on it’s sides and the other has 1, 2, 3, A, 3, 4

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