Have you ever wondered what goes on behind CPS's closed doors? Ever wondered why they are so reluctant to tell us their policies and procedures? Keep reading and try not to cringe. I couldn't help cringing and I'm a veteran of one war and a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia. ITEM #1-----During an interview on the television program "Nightline," a pediatrician employed by a county protection services said, "I actually put my finger in a little girl's vagina, and I asked her 'Is this what they did to you, and do you think it went in this far, and did it bleed?'" ITEM #2-----Writing for the Boston Globe in 1985, Eli Newberger had some disturbing views on child protection workers. He said that "many of these individuals seem to take pleasure in inflicting pain on children, to derive personal excitement and titillation from the stories of suffering, and to relish the lively interest of opposing counsel, jurors, and their peers." ITEM #3-----Aaron L. Hoffmeyer wrote "Each day children are stigmatized for life for something that never happened, subjecting a child to intense medical examinations with protoscopes and other scopes that take pictures, "play" interviews with life-sized dolls with anatomically over-sized genitalia, forcing a child to live a lie that puts that child in high risk categories for drug-use, delinquency, academic failure, psychological problems and suicide." ITEM #4-----According to the Law Enforcement's Portable Guide to investigating child abuse, your child can be subjected to "magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), computed tomography(CT), and colposcopes(an instrument with magnification capabilities for visualizing the interior of a hollow organ, such as the vagina or rectum: pictures and videos can be taken with the colposcope to document the examination results). Photos and videos are also taken of the entire exterior of the child for use as evidence in a court of law. These photos or videos can be taken by police officers, investigators, CPS workers, Physicians, nurse examiners, or third parties ." Editor's Note: Isn't this considered legalized child pornography? How many of you would really want nude photos of your 14 year old daughter presented to the court? I honestly believe the testimony of an expert physician would be enough.

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