Anyone can be a victim of false allegations. A CPS investigator can show up at your door with the police and forcibly take your children to foster care, based solely on an anonymous phone call. Although you are innocent, you can be treated as if you are guilty of child abuse, without benefit of trial or hearing. Although you are innocent, your name can be placed on the state Central Registry as a "confirmed" child abuser, without benefit of trial or hearing. Although you are innocent, criminal and civil proceedings against you can devastate your family, both financially and emotionally. Too often "system professionals," with unlimited legal resources, waste valuable tax dollars and financial resources of families, while real child abusers and pedophiles often get away with their crimes. Too often child care caseworkers, who operate under the shield of 11th Amendment Sovereign Immunity Protection, are misguided and overzealous during abuse investigations. Too often government agencies, who get State and Federal grant moneys for conducting "investigations", will cause catastrophic financial devastation for famalies who have been falsely accused of child abuse. Too often child care caseworkers will undermine the stability of a family and destroy any possibility of reconciliation between parents and/or their children.

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