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"blue wasn't what it seemed to be"
OK everone thanks for comeing back .and take you to all of you who signed the book.We will playing a show on the 9th (if my boss lets me off)with egon.We will also being playing a couple of brand new songs.For those of you who are ecepeting poppy punk stuff sorry the new stuff is a change for us.So Everone come out suport the local sense,La tuya is only gonna be around little longer so come while you can.Thanks more news soon.

Ok i know it's been awhile.I have'nt up dated in awhile but there has'nt been much to up date.But things are changing.Andy will be back for good in about a week and ahalf.Well about a week ago we went to houston and played a show .thanks to everone who came and to all of you who bought cd's it helped alot.Now if you don't know we will be playing with the ataris on may 16th,and having a cd release show on june 10th.After that we will be heading out for a tour on the 15th and be back around the 4th of all this stuff is coming togather.So come bak back often there will be lot's to tell

Well let's looks like we will be playing to shows in april on in houston and on in austin.The austin on is not for sure yet but the houston on should be go to the shows page for more.

Hello everone,and thank you for coming back.Well as for the news there's not much.We are in the middle of planing a weekend trip to go play in austin.No word yet on date of said show but hopefully soon.We would like to thank all of you who have told us in person or e-mail us and said you like our music.It helps us alot so thank you again.Well as soon as we no about the show ill post it here and on the shows page,thanks for coming by.

Great news the mp3's are up.You can now here two song from the upcoming ep just go HERE and please sign the book and tell us what you think about them.

Let's see what going down? Well i have good news for those that don't know.Are drummer andy is moving back to el paso from austin! So this means in may the band will be ready to tour and play more shows here.We will be haveing a cd release show in may and then hit the road to promote the record.Rumor has it we may go on tour with oh ranger.Wicth would help us out alot because we have no van or anything.We've also started writing new stuff ,hopefully we will have some new stuff the next time we play.well thats all for now come back often and sign the gest book thanks.

OK i know what your say "hey i thought this was the johnny n the spot web page".Well your right it is.But you see the thing is now that were are putting out a cd we found out there is allready a band with that name.We could'nt even put up mp3's cuz the othere johnny on the spot had the name .SO we said well we have have to change the name so we are now offically "THE JOHNNY EULOGY" we figured we would keep the johnny as too help people remember the new name.Oh and i have some new's on the ep it will be called"an evergoing work in progress" so we should have some mp3's up soon so you guys can get asneek peek and too of the songs.They should be up in about a day or too ill post them when the sight is up .Thats all for now keep coming buy and please sign the guest book thanx.

THE CD IS DONE! well at least the music part of it. We still need to do layout and all that. It sound's great big thanx go out the the guys at soiledsun records for believing in us enough to put out the cd, and the people over at rosewood for hooking us up. It was a great experance and Mike Majors was a very cool guy. If you ever want to record go check out rosewood it's well worth it. Anyway ill have all the details on when the cd will be out and everthing a.s.a.p so keep coming by.

HAHA damn you can never tell what's going down with this band. If you read the last news you would know that the band broke up, right? Well guess what, not only is it not broken up, but we recorded an ep today at rosewood studios! produced by thee Mike Major! and all put in motion by the great people at Soiled Sun Records. If you want to read more about what went down you can go cheak out Andy's bloger (you'll find it in the links).I should have pic's up on her from the studio soon i hope anyway there will be more later about when the ep will be out, so please keep coming by.

OK.SO. Well lets see whats going down ummmmmmmmmm,OH YEAH Johnny on the spot is NO MORE. So im sitting here and im listening to the Dillinger Four,and all I can think about is how shitty it is to have no band. Do you ever notice when things look up they look down? Oh well, no bitching it was fun while it lasted and now it's fuck'n over.sad for some great for others and for those of us who were in it, well atleast we can say we got to open for the teen idols .PEACE!

Hey what's going down? Well let's see bubba and I have been working on the acoustic shit. So far it's coming together really well. We have 3 song's that i think are gonna really kick ass, but i guess we will have to wait and see. On a cool note andy our drummer will be coming back for a month for x-mas. Does this mean johnny on the spot show in December.Will have to wait and see but i think it will. I'll have to talk to Luis over at La Tuya and see if i can hook something up. But most likely there will be. I hope so cause i would love to play again even if it is for just one night. Any one who has ever been in a band will know what i mean, there's nothing like playing live it's the greatest fealing in the world(unless you happen to suck that night).Well thats all for now keep a eye out for the show ,and for the acoustic album and ill keep you up to date on my end.Later!

WOW i have something to report is this some kinda strange day or what.You know how i allways bitch about have good songs and not being able to play them.Well me and the guitarist have deceided to say screw it were gonna put out a acustic album.Being a fan of acustic albums i think this will be great.are friend lessly who is in mikey likes it ,Will record us with her 4 track. It should come out really good i hope and we allready have a couple songs so were just gonna need a couple more so hopefully we will gwt it out soon.Well that all for now ill keep you updated about how it's going lates.

OK i don't even know why i am updateing this i don't really know whats going down with the band me and bubba have been practiceing togather ever now and then but as far as the band we have no drummer so we can't really put it back togather without one so untill that happens i guess will be sitting around with our thumbs up are ass it sucks cuz we both have some really good new stuff the wrost thing in the world is to have songs you really bleave could be great and no way to play them for people but it not suprizing that we can't find one finding a drummer in el paso is like looking for something good coming out of bush becomeing the prez of the u.s ,your most likely never gonna find anything so i guess all i can say for now is hopefully one day the band will play again if anyone ever reads this and your a drummer and want to play then email me and will hook something up well thats it for now later all

Hello all well great news atlest for me JOHNNY ON THE SPOT has gotten back togather well atlest three of us have we will be on the look out for a new drumer so i figured a brand new start needs a brand new look for the page ive decied to take alot of the buttons off like pics,sounds,releases im gonna put pictures all through this page so there will be no problem there as for releases we don't have any yet so why put it there and sounds as well there will be more stuff as time goes along

we are working on some new stuff with i am really happy with some of our best stuff to date and i can't wait to play it live well if we find a drumer soon then we should be able to start playing shows in a bout a month but i dout that but no reason to hope hope for it so we will be seing you all soon so please come back often i update alot and sign the guess book so we know you came if you have anything you wanna say or if something does'nt work just email and ill get back to you or fix what ever is bren thanks for coming

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