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'98 GT Overveiw

stock pictures, as car was purchased.

1998 4.6 GT Auto

Current Modifications:
ATI P600b Procharger at 10 pounds of boost, 2-stage Intercooler, Blitz atmosheric blow off valve, ATI 150 gph Pro-pump , FMS 30lb injecters, C&L 80mm mass air, ATI's adjustable FMU, NGK TR6 plugs, MAC 2 1/2" off road h-pipe, mil eliminators, 2 Chamber Flowmasters, K&N, "B" Springs, B&M Electric Shift Improver, Autometer's 3 gauge pillar, Ultra-Lite boost gauge, r/l gauge, electric fuel pressure gauge, synthetic motor oil and synthetic blend ATF fluid.

Future Modifications:
a dyno tuned chip.

Let's see, I purchased the car on 8/22/01 and it came with k&n, pullies, chip and flowmasters. It is a very low mile car purchased from a mid forties female. She said her husband was respondsable for the modifications. The car is black with grey cloth and yes it is an automatic, but it is hard as hell to pull a boat out of the water with a five speed mustang.

Lets see, I ordered "B" springs and a B&M shift improver. I made it almost a month before ordering any performance parts too. Everything should be in by the 25th or so.

Purchased two pairs of Cerwin-Vega Stealth series 5x7 and installed the rears.

Parts came in and installed the b&m. it works alright, giving firmer and quicker downshifts, but the 1st to 2nd shift is not as hard as i wanted, but it's worth $40. I plan to install the springs tomarrow.

Springs installed, car looks and drives awesome. Took one of the speaker boxes out the back so car would set level, I could have ran stock springs with to boxes but what is more important, sound or speed?

Current System: Stock tape deck and cd player, with a fm modulated Sony CDX-52r 10 disc changer. Kicker X3i crossover, 2 Sony EXM-302, i Kicker ZR240, 2 Kicker Comp12vr subs, and the Cerwin Vega Stealths. I need to install some tweeters and need a new deck. Maybe After Christmas.

Purchased and Installed a Sony CDX-CA850x cd player and hooked it to the same CDX-52r I've had for years. This new deck has hi and low pass crossovers built in it so i really no longer need the Kicker X3i. The deck has a function called DSO, which is like a Dolby Pro Logic Processor for your car. After installation I have had people look for tweeters in the dash. Definintly worth buying. I've cleaned up the install since I took these picutes. Perhaps one day I'll take another pic.

Ordered some more parts ;)
Accessible Technologies' Procharger, What better way to make a car go fast?

Parts came in. Above is ATI's P600b setup for 96-98 4.6 Mustangs. If you are interested, you will also need some bigger injectors. I also have a Japanese "Power Sound" blow-off valve, and a C&L mass air meter calebrated for the bigger injectors.

Installed Autometer's triple gauge pod, Pro-Comp Ultra-Lite 100 psi electric fuel pressure gauge, Rich/Lean Gauge, and Boost/Vac Gauges, here is a sweet site showing a gauge install, but I'm a bit lazier than him, so I ordered Autometers 3 gauge pillar, intead of trying to mess with a pod. I'm still wating on FMS 30 lb injectors to come in...

Installed the Pro-pump, which is just ATI's huge external fuel pump.

Started the install around 11:00 am Tuesday Morning. At 6:00 am Wednesday Morning, it was running. I took these pictures a little later that day. I have some pictures taken during the install and a stock engine picture that were taken with a regular/film camera. I will post them at a later date.

Me and my old man dropped the tank and removed the anti-bleed valve on the return line.

A big thanks to Jon and Jimmie for watching the sun come up after/during the install, and for the folks at The Stangnet Forums, including Keith Foster of Foster Motorsports, among many others for tons of tech info.

Ordered a MAC O/R H-pipe and a set of wire in MIL Eliminators.

Did exhaust install.

'98 GT Overveiw
More Pictures.
Install Pictures
Mustang Sounds

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