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Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez was born July 6, 1993 in Reno, Neveda. Before he started acting, he did commercials for Cheerios.

Jeremy Suarez first appeared on the scene in the movie Jerry Maguire as Cuba Gooding Jr.s son. He then appeared on the short-lived NBC series-Built to Last as the youngest of the Royale family. The series was cancelled after NBC blamed it for the low ratings of 3rd Rock from The Sun, which followed the show.

He appeared on The Wayans Brothers show and had a two year stint on Chicago Hope as Raymond Wilkes, son of Dr. Wilkes. Other roles included 90210, Mad Tv and Sister, Sister.

He contributed voice work for Elmo in Grouchland, Treasure Planet and The Land Before Time VIII.

He now stars as Jordan on Foxs Bernie Mac Show. Like in Built to Last, Jeremy plays a character that is young then him.

He loves dinosaurs and Garth Brooks. He lives with his mother and grandmother.

In 2002 he did background voices for Disney's Treasure Planet. He even attended the NACCP Image Awards.

In 2003 Jeremy was one of the starring voices in Disney's Brother Bear and his role on Bernie Mac had grown after a new producer was added to the series. He was given an Annie Nomiation for his role in Brother Bear. Along with a second Image Award Nominated for The Bernie Mac Show.

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