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Liam, our 3rd CCI pup

This is Liam II, our third puppy to raise for CCI. He is out of Roschu and by Keyan, half golden retriever and half labrador retriever. He was born December 20, 2002. We picked him up from CCI on the same weekend that Ruston matriculated. We had one day without a CCI pup and that was spent at Disneyland!

Henry doing his infamous 'testing' of Liam. He said that Liam was 'trainable'!

Chris holding Liam for the first time. As it turns out, he does love to cuddle.

We raised and trained Liam, teaching him everything we could expose him to, just like we did with Comet and Ruston. Liam was great! Here are photos of us training at the local grocery and dining out.

Just training!

Posing in the flowers in the front yard or sleeping with the cat or playing with Henry, Liam enjoyed down time as well.

Then came time to take Liam back to CCI. We began visiting everyone who had supported us in our training. We gave each a certificate of appreciation and took photos. A few of the places are posted below - Hood County Animal Clinic, Don Ayalas' restaurant, Attitudes & Doris - my hairstylist, Kroger & Arrow Feed.


The trip to CCI was not pleasant for Liam. He did not like the plane at all. But once on land, he was fine and his usual perfect self.

At CCI - then home again

Liam remained at CCI the entire 6 months. One week before team training we got 'the call' from CCI telling us Liam was being released for fear and anxiety issues. That same day my husband got a call with a better job offer. Unfortunately that position would not allow him to take the CCI pups to work for their training. Since Liam was being released and we could no longer give what we felt to be adequate training and exposure to what the dogs needed, we decided to adopt Liam. We flew to California the following weekend and rented a car and drove Liam back home to Texas. He didn't believe he was going home until he was here. He was so joyious! All is well now and the way it should be. Liam is back home and we are all happy now.

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