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Steps On Starting A Church Drill Team Ministry

Church Drill Team takes place by three means:

The Steppers For Christ Drill Team is a Ministry of Samaria Baptist Church and is dome in 6 primary areas: Pastor, Director, Matrons, Parents, Integration, and Discipline. We hope the following information will help you to Start a Church Drill Team Ministry.

The Pastor

The pastor is the most important factor of the Church Drill Team Ministry. The Pastor, or should I say commander -in - chief of the drill team, will decide whether or not the drill team will perform for certain occasions. Make sure everyone that is apart of the organization understands that the director is only the second man on the totem pole. The pastor has the final decision on all matters. The most important factor is to have the complete support of the pastor. As the drill team grows and you, the director, will have to enforce discipline to children that have no discipline, parents with bad understanding, slow learners, or interference from members of the congregation and other problems, you will find that support of the pastor will come in handy. Make sure the pastor has a copy of all rules, and everything that the drill team is doing. Set aside a time when the pastor can meet with the director, matrons, and even the parents to dicuss the progress of the drill team. Always keep the line of communication open between the pastor and the director.

The Director

I believe that the director of any church drill team needs to be in a position to help expand the vision of the team, to make them aware of the calling God has placed on their lives; to teach and train them so they will enhance the fulfillment of the team. The director is the most important part of the organization aside from the pastor. It should be understood that the director is not the "boss" but a leader, and everyone knows that anything with more than one leader will have problems.

Qualification For A Great Director:

The director should become an innavator of new steps, formation, and styles of marching. The director shoul be able to bring new information to their team and take other methods and convert them to their style of marching.

The person chose to become the director really does not need to have military or marching experience. They will need to work extra hard to familiarize them selves with cadence calling and voice changing of commands. As a new director, I would tell everyone to attend as many Drill Team Worshops as you can. Ask as many questions as you can. Never be scared, tack a chance but your team on the floor as often as you can, that's the only way you can learn. Find someone that has a good team asd ask them for help. Contact Bro. Alexis, read his book attend his Drill Team Convention in Houston. EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER......