Greetings and Jokes

Here are some pages to enjoy or to send to a friend or someone you love.
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Your Best

Thankyou My Friend

Forest of My Dreams

Texas Pages

Spring's Song

Careful What You Wish For

40 Things A Man Should Know By 40

30 Things a Woman Should Know

My Friend

The Color of a Raindrop

It's All Coming Back to Me

This Kiss

The Flamingo World Tour

The Flamingo Archives

Kiss this!!!

Kiss me you fool!!!

Truly, Madly, Deeply...

Sense of Humor Detector

Bad Day


How Would You Like to be an Egg?

Male Bashing

Texas Drivers License Application

Your Kisses...(fireworks)

Fly Me to the Moon

Thoughts of You

Even Lady Whale Say NOOOO!!!

The Power of Love

Cyber Tango

I'll Stand by You

Erotic Greetings  Adult Content

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