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Labrador City is known for it's isolation and beauty. Here are some pictures curtesty of Ann Cluney and Natasha Turnbull.

This is a photo of Labrador City

This is an arial shot of Labrador City

This is a photo IOCC, the main employer in Labrador. They mine for Iron Ore.

This is a the Labrador City Public Library

This is a the Trans Labrador Highway. Yes, look again! If you're brave enough to endure the drive here, they will even sell you a T-Shirt that says you survived it! And no doubt, you will be entitled to wear it!

This is a picture taken between Labrador City and Baie Comeau, Quebec. It's called the Manic 5 dam, and you have to cross it in order to complete the journey here.

This is a photo of some of the dogs from the teams they run here in the Labrador 400 or the Labrador 100 dogteam races.