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Friendship Poems You ask me if I'd walk a mile Along a dark and dangerous shore Just to help a friend in need Whose faith I could restore I sadly shake my head For surely you jest - Wherein lies the proof from such a measly little test? There may be certain actions That no one can foretell But I swear that for my friends I'd storm the gates of hell! My very closest friends are a reflection of me. If not of what I am, then of what I wish to be. I love my friends not only for their strengths, but for any weaknesses you may see. Because of their strengths… I need them Because of their weaknesses… They need me. No matter what adversity I may sometimes have to face I can do it with a smile And calm assuring grace. Not because I hold the answers To life's uncertain woe's But because my friends are there To help me face my foe's! Don't tell me of my friend's faults For they matter not to me List instead their virtues For that's all I care to see!