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Welcome to my page. How are you? Let us take a tour to my life and various friends I have made on my journey. It has been a few months since i have updated this page.

I was born on MAY 23, 1974 in Bangor, MAINE. The place where STEVEN KING WAS BORN! Check out the history of MAINE: http://www.state.me.us/sos/kids/allabout/history.htm

I grew up in Cape Elizabeth, MAINE. MAINE is such a wonderful and beautiful state. I hope to go back and visit there one day. Check out The MAINE PORTLAND HEADLIGHTS: http://www.state.me.us/doc/nrimc/mgs/sites-1997/july.htm

I then moved to Port Arthur, TEXAS when I was 12. We lived there one full year and moved to VIRGINIA for the summer and then moved back to Port Arthur. I have lived here eversince. Check out PORT ARTHUR HOME PAGE http://www.newquestcity.com/cities/TX/3335.htm

I do admit that I prefer Maine over any of the states that I have lived in. I really miss being there. I am 26 years of age and a full time worker for goodwill industries and living with my parents and 2 younger brothers:ANDY(23), works atOsbourn and Cabinets, and NATE(18)works at SONCI and a senior at Thomas Jefferson High.

I have been working for GOODWILL INDUSTRIES for almost 4 full years now. This coming June will be the starting of my 5th year.

I worked full time as a donar attendent for a year and half. The experience I got for doing this job is being able to talk to customers and get to know other people in my community. It was a thrill to see other people who are so different in many ways. What I did was i worked outside and waited for customers to donate goods that they didn't want anymore. Goods mean such items like CLOTHES, SHOES, WARES, FURNITURE and among other donations that we could use to resell in our one of 12 Retail store in our area.

Then for 8 months i worked full time as technician in trainin for goodwill computer depot store. I had a really good time there. I got to work with great people such as DAVID HENRY *My Boss*. He is one of the best boss I had ever had. I admire him so much. I am thankful of the experience that he had gave me. THe other man I had a great time working with is GREG HUST. He showed me so much about loading microsoft showing me how to do other things like building a new computer and testing monitors and such things like that. He my days so easy and he is a joy to be around with.

After 8 months I worked part time for the new position Shopgoodwill as well as working part time back at the donation station. Another great boss is LAURA BOWMAN! She is such a sweetheart and good loyal friend. I felt like I could get along with her so much! She tought me things of working around the office and how to handle myself working in an office environment. I'll never forget her! THe internet department was one of new features of work that GOODWILL had in 2000. What I did was to package items the have been bought on http://www.shopgoodwill.com and ups them and get them ready to be shipped out. I also made programs how to keep records *SPREADSHEETS* and that took a lot of time. I will my office i had. It felt good to have your own desk, own computer and your own key to an office. *GRINS* So when u feel like shopping head over to http://www.shopgoodwill.com.

Now my 4th full time position i work at the Local Retail store here on GULFWAY DRIVE In Port Arthur. I have been here since September of 2000. I work here now because of transportation problems. I now am responsible for my own way to work **WHICH IS TO WALK** and I enjoy getting my own way to work tramendously. I do not like having to have someone depending on me to get to work and all that. I like being independent. What I do here is mostly i am a cashier, greeting customers and ringing them up. I work with two great managers LINDA DAVIS and CHANDRA ALLEN! I also work with wonderful fellow workers who do know what team work is: Kerrie, Emma-Lou, Tanya, Maria(Christina), Amelia and Jeramy. This year we have picked up on our goals and have reached our goal for the first two months. So we are doing great so far!

I like to thank for the following people who have helped me getting me where i am such as LAURA BOWMAN, DAVID BOSTNIK, EMILY COMPTKIN, DAVID HENRY, MARIA YOUNG, LAVELLE L. and most of all the man I most admire about GOODWILL INDUSTRIES.. RON WOLMACK! I want to say congratulations to him on getting married this past saturday MARCH 17, 2001.

I I have an older brother, CHIP, whom I admire so much and he has a great WIFE JANA NUMAN HALL. She is such a sweetheart and I am really glad he found a wife like her. Chip is a professer at BERRY COLLEGE in Rome, GA where he got his bachaler degree. He has a masters degree now. He teaches Forensics as well as Speech classes.

Also I have another brother who is married MATT HALL who is married to SUSAN STUTES. They live here locally with us in Texas.

I am hearing impaired. I have worn an aid ever since I could remember. WIth the help of T(TEXAS)R(Reablitation) C(Center). TRC helped me first with getting involved with goodwill where i took a computer class and was able to finished the MICROSOFT CLASS. Click on the goodwill link to see a letter report my class and I have done. TRC also helped me get a brand new hearing aid and do I feel so very blessed! THANK YOU TRC for all of your help!

I am hoping to get a degree for music. Also because of my computer experience with Goodwill I may get a minor for computers. I love to write music. Have written 2 piano pieces, one hymn song and one country song. I would love to write a musical. My favorite songwriters are DIANE WARREN, CAROLE KING, MARK ALLEN SPRINGER, and LIONEL RICHIE. If I ever do my dream, which is to write music, I hope those 4 writers are able to write a song for me.

Here is my education status:

Pond Cove/Elementery School - Cape Elizabeth Maine

Middle School - Cape Elizabeth Maine

Nedlerland Jr High - Nederland, Texas

Thomas Edison Jr High - Port Arthur, Texas

Thomas Jefferson High - Port Arthur, Texas

Florida College - Temple Terrace, Florida

Goodwill Industries Computer Training Class - Beaumont, Texas Check out the florida college page http://www.flcoll.edu

ABOUT THIS PAGE:This is page is mainly for those who are really board. Mostly people who want to find some interesting reading facts, you have found a great site just for that purpose. Most of the pages are about music because I love music so much. There will be a bible page coming soon, once I get a free chance. There will be pages about my friends whom I love so much(Hish School,College Friends and e-mail Friends) and aboutFLORIDA COLLEGE. I have put on a newspaper that my friends from GOODWILL and I and my instructor did while we were in the class. There is also a history of Goodwill on here as well. It is very generous to know that there are good people in their hearts who would give to GOODWILL. I enjoy working for them.

I hope you will like my musical and plays page. I have two talented brothers involve with our local theater and I wanted to share my happiness with you. After the production of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS this month, all 5 of us Chip, Me, Matt, Andy, and Nate have done at least one musical!

My Top SONGS is different kinds of countdowns from a book I have called the TOP 100 SONGS where a Top 5000 song list is posted. So there are various countdowns from that list. I hope that you enjoy the countdown page. In a few months when i have the time my countdown book will be updated!

The musical links you can find facts by my favorite artist and groups and my music experience. I hope that you enjoy this webpage and the other links on this page. Have fun surfing these pages! Please e-mail if you want to. I love mail.

My email address are as follows:

rufieo27@mail.com and rufieo27us@yahoo.com

Theses two i use more frequently then my other hotmail.com addresses. Submit your page to 34 sites for free!-

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