Water-Cleansing of the Souls
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Water - Cleansing of the Souls

Safe Harbor

Each time when I
through life's fierce storms
have passed,
and ill winds changed
the course
my vessel laid;
when dangerous seas prevailed
God's help
I've asked.
He navigates my ship
each time
I've prayed.

My journey through
life's ocean soon
will cease.
A harbor safe
has been prepared
for me,
within the realm
of love and joy
and peace,
and there
no threatening waves
 for eternity.

 " The Navigator"

The billowing waves of an angry sea
and the wind swept flow of the tide,
Was the weather in which it seemed my Life
I'd chosen within to reside.

The stormy past of my youth was spent
in chasing the pleasures of Life.
I'd salvaged not money nor fame nor power,
nor family or children or wife.

And now on this night - of - all - nights came to be -
tossed by the waves of an angry sea -
A vessel blown hither and 'yon by the gales,
and the Captain - none other than me.

Yes, the Captain indeed was none other than me,
in a stupor of drunkenness - hopelessly:
While the crew in dismay found no course they could lay,
and the ship in the storm drifted aimlessly.

I called for the mate, navigation to plot,
and was told he was tossed by the waves and was lost,
Navigation and plot was a thing I'd done not
during all of the oceans I'd crossed!

Where could I find one who'd shoot the star' ,
to know our position, perhaps where we are?
For days now engulfed by the storm we were forced
many miles from our course. But how far?

Then came a calm voice and there strangely appeared,
a man as from nowhere. . . . . .standing quite near.
He said navigation He surely could do,
If I would ask - He would steer us so true.

Then looking so deep in His eyes I perceived,
that God somehow sent Him for me to receive.
And bending one knee as if praying I asked,
the task of navigation be relieved.

The crew sensed His presence, His strength, and His power,
and rallied, attending Him hour - after - hour.
He plotted the course as if already known,
and wild waves and winds seem to cower.

He hauled in the 'main sail ', the 'jib' set just right
and spoke calming words through the perilous plight.
He steered hard the 'rudder' and clung to the 'wheel'
'til soon we survived through the night.

As dawn broke the winds and the wild waves still stayed,
but somehow my spirits were no more dismayed.
I looked at the book on my bed where it layed -
'Twas the Scriptures! - All night I had prayed!

I went to the helm and I stood there with Him
as He guided 'My Ship' through the waters so grim:
My soul spoke these words, and somehow He heard,
"What a Savior to me You have been"!

I spoke with Him long through the days ahead
and His words somehow deep in my soul were fed.
And I know on that night through that perilous plight
were it not . . . . for the navigator. . . .I'd be dead!

Now it's been many years since that 'night - of - nights came,
and the navigator of ' My Ship ' is still the same.
And the billowing waves and Life's angry seas -
Together . . . . . . .we've managed to tame.

We've sailed many gales, through tempests and storms;
through miles of Life's oceans 'round the poles and the horn,
But with Him by my side it's as though I reside
in a Life that is somehow reborn.

Now if He can fetch such a wretch as like me
from out of the waves of 'Life's angry sea'
He'll do just the same . . . . If you'll only claim
"The Navigator" . . . . . . ..such is He!

So don't go afloat . . . . in Life's perilous boat,
through the billowing waves and the angry seas,
Unless just as I, on some night by-and-by,
you give Him . . .full control . . .on bended knees!

Rejuvenate Mortal souls in sin's cocoons now trapped: Embryos in cyclo-chambers snared, Burst the shrouds of death in which they're wrapped, and resurrect in beauty uncompared. God's Power will make new life burst forth in flight: man's soul reborn, to worship now he flees; as moths on wings seek out their destined light, man finds fulfillment down upon his knees.

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