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This site is Dedicated to The Glory of God

Poetic Psalms

As a way of introducing myself, 
I have enclosed a bio from 
one of my recent publication notices.

Ron Baron is a native Texan vintage 1934 presently residing in the
central Texas community of Brownwood. He is the Father of five grown
children, single, and retired.  This affords him the time he has sought
to devote to his writing. He has been writing for several years, and his
desire is to share his work for Christ's Glory. Ron's lifetime spans a
chaotic period in the degeneration of human and spiritual values, which
is reflected in many of his writings. With family and careers behind
him, poetry has become his all consuming passion.

My work has appeared in: Southern Ocean Review,New Zealand 
- Prarie Messenger, Saskatchewan 
- Sunrise and Irelingus, United Kingdom 
- Balaam's Ass, Australia
- and Marbles, AfterImages, The Thinker, 
  2River review, Amrita, Articulata, 
  GreenHouse Poetry, Crossway Publications,
  Black Rose Blooming, Galapegos, Poetry Corner,
  Palace of Poetry, Legions of Light, Voice Magazine,
  Bible Advocate,  Rooms of Poe, Black Rose Blooming,
   Angel Web, Block Lines, Bridge, Canadian Dream 
  Gallery, Cactus Bob's, EWG Presents, 
  and several others in the United States.

Please Enter the 
Realm of Poetry Here.

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