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Our McCOY line is so large that I can only put a fraction of the information that we currently have on-line. Most of our best family stories come from this branch of the family tree. Our McCOY's were some of the first pioneers into Mississippi when it was still Indian Territory and new treaties were being signed by the Choctaw. They were a tough breed of Scotch-Irish that carved their way into a new land and established large farms within the deep south. They survived Indian attacks, illness and disease and a Civil War between the States that destroyed all they had accomplished. They left Mississippi and moved into Arkansas to begin life over again. They taught their children how to survive in an unforgiving wilderness. Despite the hardship, they loved to laugh and enjoy life.

I want to quote O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees about the name


"Among the leading Irish families are the McCoy's. A member of this Irish family fought in King William and Queen Mary's forces in 1690.

One of the McCoy family married Duncan Campbell of Invarsary, Scotland who settled in Ireland at the time of the "Plantation of Ulster", by King James the Second of England. Their son John migrated to America in 1726.

The American family of McCoy have so multiplied during a residence of a century and three quarters in this country, and have become so connected by marriage, as to constitute a relationship between a large proportion of the population of the southern United States."

(**Please note that this is just one history of the McCoy name. We don't believe OUR line came from this line. We are currently working in another direction that looks promising.)


The oldest McCoy on our branch, that we know to date, is JOHN MCCOY.
"Old Grandpa McCoy" Southern Royalty

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