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"Our Family History Page"

by: Christi Watkins

This special page is dedicated to OUR FAMILY and all the other families who carved out a life for themselves, in the vast wilderness of Northwest Missouri, especially those settling in Buchanan County. We have not forgotten.

Our Family Surnames from Northwest Missouri

    Auxier, Barnes, Chaney, Giddens, McDaniel, Pile, Powell, Roberts, Watkins

Family Biography "Bits and Pieces"

Census On-Line for This County

County Wills and Probate Records .... Coming Soon


Alphabetical Cemetery Listing for Buchanan County
Elder Cemetery
Frazier "Rock House Prairie" Cemetery -- 629 names
Number 6 Cemetery

Early CRIME in the County--- The first three hangings

    The first legal hanging took place on September 3, 1853. Augustus Jennings and two others, had whipped a Mr. Willard to death while he was tied to a tree. Jennings was tried, convicted and hanged. It is written that 8000 people followed to the Patee farm, as they gathered around to witness this horrible event.

    He rode with the Joseph Hart band of guerilla men, who noted throughout northwestern Missouri for their cruelty, during the Civil War. The Hart gang, including Linville, rode to the home of Harrison Burns in Andrews County. They killed and wounded several, including a George Jenkins, which they shot in the mouth. He suffered and died a couple of days later. Linville was caught, tried and sentenced to death. He was hanged by the 9th Cavalry which was staying at the Patee house.

    He was a Union Soldier who had killed another soldier in a drunken fight. After his conviction, he was taken by wagon, along with his coffin to a place southeast of the Patee house. He was forced to kneel beside his coffin and was shot upon by firing squad, in the form of a detachment of soldiers. This was the last public execution of its time. All other executions took place behind the high walls of the jailyard.

Famous People from Buchanan County

Jesse James .... he died in St. Joseph in 1882.

PONY EXPRESS RIDERS .... These 5 are buried in St. Joseph
Charles Cliff
James W. Brink
Michael Whalen
Jones Phillip Koerner
Cyclone Charlie Thompson

JOSEPH RODIDOUX III ....the history of Black Snake (St. Joseph)

First Settlers Information -- surnames

"Missouri Writers Along the River" (1850 - 1950)


Postmasters 1840 - 1984

      Julius Robidoux -- 1840
      Frederick W. Smith -- 1841
      William Almond -- 1844
      William Irwin -- 1845
      Joseph Wyatt -- 1848
      Jessee Holladay -- 1849
      Henry S. Creal -- 1852
      Charles Dutzschky -- 1853
      Henry Slack -- 1854
      William A. Davis -- 1855
      John L. Bittinger -- 1861
      William Fowler -- 1865
      Jesse M. Grahma -- 1866
      William Hall -- 1866
      Joseph Wyatt -- 1857
      James Hunter -- 1869
      Phillip Arnhold -- 1871
      John Severance -- 1875
      Robert Richardson -- 1876
      James Beach -- 1876
      Francis Posegate -- 1877
      Frank Tracy -- 1881
      John Evans -- 1885
      Charles Ernst -- 1890
      Frank Atchison -- 1892
      Arthur Brewster -- 1902
      Lawrence Weakley -- 1910
      Frank Freytag -- 1914
      Elliott Marshall -- 1923
      Leo Anderson -- 1932
      Theo Quinn -- 1936
      Dave Hoverson 1963
      L. G. Pinger Jr. 1973
      James Wescott -- 1980
      Merlin Hasenbank -- 1983


    St. Joseph to Kansas

    St. Joseph Bridge

      Bridge over the Missouri River
      Surnames included

      Hit a Brick Wall in Buchanan County?

      Try DONIPHAN and ATCHISON COUNTY KANSAS. Many people from Buchanan County traveled over the line to one of these counties during the 1850's.

      References Available for Your Own Research

      I have spent a lot of time doing research on my husband's family in Missouri.
      I have listed many of the references I currently have available in my personal library.
      Click on this link to see for yourself.


      Free Lookups Available, if your are willing to be a little patient.



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